Photosynthetic Blueprint - Handmade Blue Sun Group [Cats] Scientific DIY Handmade Gifts Comet

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Use the sun, special sensitizer, water to make blue photo, learn basic film skills, and easily play blue at home! The use of hand-made groups can also make canvas bags and clothes.



Photosynthetic Blueprint - Handmade Blue Sun Group [Cats] Scientific DIY Handmade Gifts Comet


※This product has recently been replaced The content has not changed. [new packaging] Want to make photos and cards full of memories? Still tired of the postcards of the tourist attractions, now you have a perfect new choice ~ Quickly make your friends and family amazing with the homemade blue photo! ※The hand-made group does not include canvas bags, so you need to bring your own. Photosynthetic blueprint - hand made blue drying group [cat models] 1. Inclusion ● Raw materials 1. Ammonium ferric citrate (green) 5g 2. Red blood salt 2.5g ※ About 20 photo-size blue prints (varies depending on usage) ● Tools 1. Acrylic sheet x 2 blocks 2. Blue drying paper x 5 sheets 3. Celluloid negatives (with printed cat pictures) x 1 4. Celluloid film (pure transparent) x 2 sheets 5. Measuring cup x1 6. Dropper x3 7. Modulation disc x2 8. Long tail clip x 4 9. Brush x1 10. Detailed operating instructions x1 2. Finished product. Attach 5 special papers (10 x 14.5cm) Three. Notes ※ Children over the age of 7 and under 12 years old are required to be accompanied by parents. ※ Do not swallow, keep away from fire, except for the “exposure step”, please operate in the dark shades. ※ There are fragile items inside, please be careful. ※ If the raw materials are not used, please close them and use them within 3~5 days to avoid deterioration. ※ You can make 20 blue photos in the box. Please add your own watercolor paper or other media (cloth..) to continue your creation. ---------------- Q What is blue sun? The agent made of ammonium ferric citrate + red blood salt will be sensitive, so under the sun or ultraviolet light, a chemical reaction will occur, which will gradually turn grayish blue from grass green, and will change into royal blue after washing with water! ※ Many construction drawings (blueprints) used in traditional buildings are also made using this method. Q Blue Sun Story In the 19th century, British astronomer John Herchel invented the technology of cyan plate development (blue sun) in order to "copy his own notes." But it was not widely known at the time. Until 10 years later, a female photographer used a blue sun method to record a series of books in order to record the plant species. It was also the first female photographer in the world! ----------------- Q will fail? Hard to get started? Because doing blue sun is the need for the sun (the UV energy is not the same), Therefore, it is necessary to rely on experience to judge whether the sun is good or not. But it is not difficult to get started! [teaching film] ※The canvas bag needs to be brought by yourself. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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