Peaceful cleansing handmade soap / cold soap / general, combination skin

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Pingan powder is four kinds of pure plants, which are wormwood, hibiscus, lemongrass and sorrel. The powder can be added to the body to give the body a natural relief. After bathing, the whole body will exude natural plant fragrance and elegance. It is mor


Peaceful cleansing handmade soap / cold soap / general, combination skin

商品説明 In addition to Moss Soothing Soap, this handmade soap "Safe and Clean Soap" also has the effect of avoiding evil and keeping the peace. We added Pingan powder into soap, and Pingan powder is four kinds of pure plants, namely wormwood, hibiscus, lemongrass and wipes. The grass is ground into powder, and it can be said that the body can be naturally relieved when added to the bath. After bathing, the whole body will emit natural plant fragrance and elegance, and it can also avoid evil, phlegm and tranquility. It is usually used in the body. Pray for peace and remove bad luck. **Making ingredients** Pistachio oil, Australian walnut oil, shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide, pure water, safe powder, lemon essential oil, cypress essential oil, frankincense essential oil **Suitable for skin type** General, combination skin **use** Clean body, face **Way of use** - Bathe the soap and moisten it with a bath ball. The foam is rich and detailed. -**Wash your face and avoid your eyes**. - Please use it after use to avoid soaking in the water. **net weight** 110±10 grams **Shelf life** 18 months **Precautions** - Handmade soaps are made from herbal oils and essential oils. The color and aroma will fade over time, which is normal. - Please keep it in a cool place, avoid moisture, heat, direct sunlight **(Small reminder! The water under the soap tray remembers to fall ~)** - Handmade soap produces glycerin, which is wet or sultry due to the weather, and the surface is sticky, such as no oil consumption is normal. - If you need a large amount of custom soap, please contact us one to two months in advance to order. - In response to environmental protection, when you ship your shipment, we will use the clean packaging materials we collect and reuse, such as paper bags, cartons, bubble cloth, air bags, etc., mind or send them to others as gifts, please first tell us:) -**Because each person's allergens are different, natural things are also likely to cause allergies. People who are sensitive and allergic to the body should use a small amount of trial before use, confirm that there is no allergic reaction before use, or consider purchasing!**


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