Satin butterfly low heel wooden shoes

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1. Far-infrared health energy, promotes blood circulation and accelerates metabolism after contact with the soles of the feet. 2. Nanobacterial inhibition effectively inhibits bacteria on the soles of the feet and reduces the production of odors. 3. 4.5 cm



Satin butterfly low heel wooden shoes


[product features] ■ The shoe shape is modern and suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. ■ MIT smile mark, nano mark double certification ■ Heel height: 4.5cm ■ Shoe material: pine ■Experimental evidence shows that far infrared health energy wood products have the following characteristics: 1. Promote blood circulation and accelerate body metabolism 2. Prevent cold hands and feet 3. Soothe your feet for a long time, long standing, etc. 4. Nanobacterial inhibition can effectively reduce the chance of foot odor and bacterial cross infection [保保资讯] Warranty period: one year Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade 【Terms and Conditions】 ■ The cloth or leather of the main body of the shoe and the upper is only slightly waterproof/anti-fouling. If it is stained with dirt or water, it may cause stains and deterioration. ■ Avoid use in sports, mountain climbing, snow, sand, or seaside, lakes, ponds, grass, rough roads, or humid environments (such as bathrooms). ■ If the wooden shoes get wet, please dry them with a dry cloth as soon as possible to remove the water as soon as possible. Do not dry the wooden shoes or upper with a hair dryer or hot air, and place it in a cool place to dry naturally. ■ Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture, contact with chemicals, and rapid drying. Rapid or excessive drying and moisture will cause cracks, deformation, discoloration, mildew, etc. in the shoe itself. 【maintenance】 ■ When collecting wooden shoes, please clean the upper and the sole with a clean cloth. If there is a small stone in the sole, use a small strip of bar and a plastic rod to pick out the stone. ■ When collecting wooden shoes, use a tissue or a clean cloth between the shoes and the shoes to prevent friction and scratches. ■ Please put a proper amount of desiccant in the original shoe box or wooden shoe box for storage. Do not use aggressive desiccants such as quicklime (calcium oxide, CaO) to avoid damage to the paint surface after contact with the shoe body. ■ When collecting wooden shoes, you can use an unprinted newsprint to form a suitable ball shape, properly filled in the shoe box, between the shoe body and the upper, and can be used instead of the desiccant. ■ If you want to clean your wooden shoes, wipe them off with a soft dry cloth or use soft bristles to remove the dust. Never use water, solvents, etc. for cleaning. ■ All wooden shoes of our company are painted with natural paint. Please do not wax yourself (wall beads...etc.). [Returning instructions] ■ According to the Consumer Protection Law, consumers are entitled to the seven-day hesitation period of the purchase (arrival) of the product (note! the non-trial period of the appreciation period), the returned goods must be in a new unused and packaged state, otherwise it will affect Your return interest. ■ This product will not be returned once it has been used. (As long as it is not used, and the goods must be kept in a state where the package is complete and can be sold, the goods can be exchanged within 7 days of purchase) ■ If there is any item or size, the original purchase invoice will be replaced within 7 days of the purchase date to the original sales base. ■ In order to avoid the damage to the valuable rights of consumers caused by the difference in the price of goods sold, the shoes can be exchanged for different colors in the same item. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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