Vegetable tanned primary color leather Macbook Pro 13-inch 15-inch leather clutch

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Handmade vegetable tanned leather imported from Europe, the design classic style simple Macbook clutch.


The Earthy Handmade

The Earthy Handmade ショップへ

Vegetable tanned primary color leather Macbook Pro 13-inch 15-inch leather clutch


Made from European vegetable tanned leather handmade, from the cutting, sewing, needle stitching are waxed hand sewing, sewing machine than the more human taste and durability! This vegetable tanned leather tanning plant tannin from, does not contain harmful substances, with the use of texture, luster will change, a lot of years marks Oh
This is a model for the Macbook Pro 13-inch / 15-inch design holsort / clutch, simple and classic design. Hardware buckle using a common atomic buckle way, because the leather itself is very flexible material, buckle the need to use a little bit of force will be stuck, the elasticity of the leather letting this deduction will not use a paragraph Time is very loose, very durable Oh.

Size: 35x25 cm (using leather thickness of about 1.6mm)
Material: vegetable tanned leather
If your Macbook Pro is not a 2017 version, please indicate the year or size in the comments.
This product can be customized as follows in the color of the other colors, for reference to other colors of the sample of goods, can ask us, if you want to customize the color, you can specify the color directly to the note Oh!
(There is a slight difference between the colors of the two colors because the leather used in the central rope is different from the leather used in the bag.)

/ About vegetable tanned leather /
Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using plant-extracted tannin ingredients,
Does not contain harmful substances and the cortex is more plastic and natural,
With the use of habits and time Color and texture will slowly change,
Is a more personal and story of the leather.

Each hand made leather leather goods may have slight differences in natural skin scar wrinkles, etc., is a normal phenomenon, if unacceptable characteristics, please communicate with the designer in advance.
Stamps are individually marked by hand, so they can not be completely neat and 100% intact, and can not be restored after stamping, so they can not be returned. Vegetable tanned leather generally play the role of steel printing will be more obvious and durable soft leather Oh.

Can help you to stamp free English name 6x6mm (6 letters recommended) 3x3mm (10 letters recommended)
At present, we provide three kinds of free engraved fonts on leather goods, divided into fonts 1, 2 and 3 (please refer to photos)
And please tell us where you want when ordering
Font 1: 6 * 6mm bold full caps
Font 2: 6 * 6mm upper case + lower case
Fonts 3: 3 * 3mm full capital

/ Operate and maintain /
1. Leather in the course of the need to pay attention to moisture-proof waterproof
2. For a period of time should not be placed in a ventilated place, try not to use plastic bags and other things to seal the bag to collect.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Origin Taiwan Chuan Shui forest designer handmade
Origin / manufacturing methods


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