CLAUS PORTO Lisbon Acura Royal Aroma Soap 50g - Royal Tombs │ Centennial Fragrance

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✔ Eye-catching packaging in yellow and black prints, embellished with pink rose patterns ✔Applicable to: All skin types



CLAUS PORTO Lisbon Acura Royal Aroma Soap 50g - Royal Tombs │ Centennial Fragrance

商品説明 CLAUS PORTO brand status When it comes to the top perfume craftsmanship, the world thinks of France, when it comes to handmade leather goods, it will think of Italy, And Portugal is the ancestor of Europe's first-class handmade soaps for more than a century. Of which CLAUS PORTO It has an irreplaceable brand status in Portugal. Not only at the end of the 19th century, but also for the Royal Family. Today, it is the first choice for celebrities for their own use and gifts. American TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp and international supermodel Kate Moss are brand loyal users. Even Le Bon Marché, the premier Parisian boutique in Europe, It is rare to launch an exclusive joint-name model, which is highly respected and is beyond the reach of other soap brands! **CLAUS PORTO Lisbon Acura Royal Soap 50g ELITE – TONKA IMPERIAL Royal Tomb (Lingling)** -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Founded in 1887, the Portuguese centennial royal soap continues the art and decorative art styles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and is hand-wrapped in a sticky manner to add a delicate texture and taste to the details of life. This 100% botanical soap is blended with shea butter and re-grinded three times for a smooth, soft touch. The scent attribute is a fresh fragrance, and the aroma attracts the lush vegetation of Portugal. Blended with fresh green basil and warm vetiver and moss to evoke the calm of nature. The package has a blue and gold angular design. Ideal for travel, no extra artificial solid ingredients. (Specification: 50g) Main ingredient Shea butter, palm butter, and plant fragrance. Top notes: basil, green grass; middle notes: bergamot, bitter orange, grapefruit; base notes: moss, patchouli Way of use Soak the soap and damp it, apply it to the skin, and rinse it off with water. Can be used for hand washing or body bathing. Quality advantage It still follows the 7-step manufacturing process of the old world craftsmanship, allowing the natural plant fragrance and a variety of high-purity vegetable oils to moisturize the skin, repeatedly stirring, multi-layering to make a substantial sense, and drying naturally for a long time, so that the smell lasts It is gentle and scattered, and the foam is richer and more detailed. 100% cotton soft towel / bath towel three colors: simple rice / quiet purple / Tibetan ink gray 100% organic cotton, manufactured in Taiwan. Simple beige cotton has enough softness and durability to keep your life comfortable and happy. Towel size: 36*80CM. Bath towel size: 68*152CM _______________________________________________________ 100% organic cotton soft towel two colors: Shu Xinhuang (no dye) / simple rice Organic cotton is soft and comfortable, and has good durability. It is a must-have product that keeps life pure and pleasant. It is made in Taiwan. Size: 36*80CM Main ingredients: 100% organic cotton Way of use Please clean before use. The machine is washed with warm water, and the dark and light products should be washed separately. Do not dry clean, do not bleach, do not dry, do not iron. Quality advantage In view of the humid climate in Taiwan, the use of special techniques and techniques for weaving, excellent water absorption, no stimulation to delicate skin. _______________________________________________________ DAVID & MAISIE cotton canvas bag It is not only a commodity, but also a life attitude of nourishing the white. Size: 37*24CM. Main ingredients: 100% white cotton canvas 12 ounces Way of use Shopping, going out, going to school is always appropriate. Washing method, wash with hands and then dry, do not iron, do not bleach, do not dry. Quality advantage Cooperate with textile mills with years of experience in sewing.


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