Lightweight passport holder passport case (full leather lining)

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Magnetic buckle makes it easier for users to store boarding passes and write data Comfortable leather and shape make users have a better mood


Lightweight passport holder passport case (full leather lining)


| Material Specifications | Leather: Fully self-developed cow leather It has an unforgettable, warm touch And beautiful to extreme color changing process In particular, only unsimple in the world (Europe imported leather body / Taiwan processing) zipper: Using the top-level excela series in YKK Higher density of teeth and each sprocket is sanded by hand Excella's unique golden and non-scratch feel The lines of the zipper head are even more incredible (Can only be imported from Japan) Hardware: Add more real gold to the plating process Matte gold Due to high cost and high threshold process Very rare color on the market (Made in Taiwan) "More organized storage" Clunky storage layer without an exclusive boarding pass Instead, a magnetic buckle can hold boarding passes, writing materials, tickets ... What's more important is its security "Nothing extra" No extra is a passport holder Holds two basic passports, one card, and all paper documents Looks like a book cover | Printing Service | "Free Printing Service" * Please print the information in the remarks of the order * The font is unified using the unsimple font designed by the team. * 9 letters in English contain spaces, it is recommended to use uppercase or lowercase (all uppercase fonts are less effective) * Available symbols only (& /.-) "Paid Lettering Service" Beauty exists between the raised text and light on the leather to create a multi-layered shade and shade We hope that customized lettering is not only a message, but also a craft aesthetic This is the unique customization method of unsimple (Lettering is limited to less than 5 words in English and Chinese.) Plus purchase URL: | Specifications | Size: 14.3cm x 10.5cm (closed) Specifications: Card layer * 1 Adsorption storage space * 1 Passport layer * 2 Japanese-style simple and low-key exclusive packaging **Please note that this model will not fit into the tin box.** Origin / manufacturing methods: Made in Taiwan | Reminders | * If you use 7-11 for delivery, the system often misses SMS notifications. Please pay close attention to the delivery status * Due to different screen colors, shooting lights and other factors, there will inevitably be color differences, please consider clearly * There are a lot of shared photos in the evaluation, because the products are constantly updated, some are old color, design and lighting color difference Everything is based on product page photos * If you need to purchase multiple items in our library, please put them into the shopping cart separately and then check out to save shipping costs. * The cowhide itself will have natural scratches, we will try to avoid it, but it is not a defect