Taiwan old map C postcard engraved version (4 in or the same paragraph 5 into optional)

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Content: Taiwan's old map C reissue, 420g thick pound art paper. Taiwan's old map C-1875 (Figure 1 left) Taiwan's old map C-1896 (Figure 1 upper right) Taiwan's old map C-1858 (figure 1 left) Taiwan's old map C-1880 (Figure 1 bottom rig



Taiwan old map C postcard engraved version (4 in or the same paragraph 5 into optional)


**Total amount exceeds NT$200 delivery (excluding shipping), thank you !** **★ The minimum order amount is $100 without shipping, and the insufficient amount will help to change the order. (Taiwan limited)** Taiwan old map C reissue version 5 options: Taiwan old map C reissue version 4 each Taiwan's old map C1875 5 entries (Figure 1 left) Taiwan's old map C1896 5 entries (Figure 1 upper right) Taiwan's old map C1858 5 entries (Figure 1 left bottom) Taiwan's old map C1880 5 years (Figure 1 bottom right) **Postcard content** For four hundred years, Taiwan has left a wealth of historical data on maps at different historical stages. Ancient maps are not only cultural relics worth cherishing, but also reflect different historical stages and people's use and ideas of environmental resources. __1875 FORMOSA Island Map__ In 1875 (the first year of the Qing dynasty): The Qing court abolished the ban on the people of the mainland to cross the Taiwanese army, and Taiwan was officially fully open. In addition to the original Taiwanese government, there is another Taipei House, which governs the three counties of Qingshui, Hsinchu and Yilan, and the Keelung Hall. In addition, Hengchun County is set up on Hengchun Peninsula, Beinan Hall is located in the east, and Puli Community Hall is located in Nantou District. __Corrected Taiwan's detailed map in 1896__ Corrected Taiwan's detailed map: Shiban light-colored printing, issued on April 30th in Meiji 29 (1896), with a chicken cage (Keelung) port printed on the upper left corner, full map of Japan, freshwater port, and Philippine law firm on the left side Such as the illustration, the map of Zhoushan Island is printed on the lower right side, and the journeys of the ports from Keelung, Danshui, Guoxing, and Dogs to various ports are printed. __1858 Taiwan Shanhai full map__ In 1858 (Qing Xianfeng 8 years): The British and French coalition forces signed the Tianjin Treaty to open the four ports of Taiwan (now Tainan Anping Old Port), Danshui, Dagou (Kaohsiung Port) and Jilong (now Keelung Port). __1880 Taiwan before and after the mountain full map__ The full picture of the mountains in Taiwan in 1880. The precious part of this map, except that it is drawn by the method of modern latitude and longitude "Ji Li Hua Fang", the latitude and longitude based on Greenwich is directly recorded on the square grid, which is the first full reproduction of Taiwan. Precious maps; and through the map, it was also reflected in the Peony Club incident and began to pay attention to the policy of East Taiwan. **specification** Content: Taiwan's old map C reissue Material: 420g thick pound art paper Thickness: 0.5mm Size: 148mmx105mm Writing: Any pen is good to write Origin / manufacturing methods: Made in Taiwan Designed by Buywowpup The color of the paper is soft white and non-reflective, giving an elegant and meticulous visual experience. The real product is more vivid than the photo. The feeling is meticulous and soft, the writing is smooth, the water absorption is improved, and the stamping is more convenient. Chromatic aberration: the color of the screen and the actual product are inevitably different. It is not possible to return this product. **Postcard sharing** Open the map of Taiwan, look at the old maps and photos of the sheets, and compare the footprints that have passed, suddenly there is a feeling of nostalgia! ! Are you too accustomed to the Taipei City, which is now used by the MRT every day, to the destination and immediately into another house. I have forgotten the sky and streets in Taiwan, the kind of shaking and changing on the bus. The city street scene seems to be far from us. Follow us on the "Old Map of Taiwan" and relive the old Taiwan time in the sky of Taiwan!


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