Customized stainless steel cutlery set (customizable text) (cutlery sets + fork + spoon + big spoon + chopsticks)

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Customized stainless steel cutlery set (customizable text) (cutlery sets + fork + spoon + big spoon + chopsticks)


Hand-made stainless steel cutlery set

Fully hand-made stainless steel cutlery group, once meet everyone's needs!
Cutlery sets use a simple style to set off the simplicity of hand-crafted customization.
The use of ceramic special paint to draw text on the tableware does not use print or Ray carving to make the text more natural. And on the silver stainless steel is more prominent, when the wedding or Valentine's Day gift is the most suitable.

Material: Embossed cloth, stainless steel

Large stainless steel spoon
Size: Approx. width 4.5 cm length 17.2 cm (12 letters)
Stainless steel fork
Size: about the maximum width of 2.3 cm length 16 cm (12 letters)
304 stainless steel round chopsticks
Length: about 22.6 cm (12 letters)
Stainless steel spoon
Size: Approx. width 3.3 cm length 14.8 cm (12 letters)

Tableware custom notes:
1. The pigments used are drawn from the special ceramic pigments made by the German Nerchau brand. Please be assured that they are non-toxic.
2. The product needs to go through a 160-degree and 30-minute time to bake, so the paint will not fall under normal use.
3, because it is a handmade product, the color, text shape, pattern will be different.
4. Font choices are not provided because they are handwritten and not printed.
5. The meal has a special treatment of the lines, is a normal appearance. Do not buy.
Cutlery sets custom notes:
1, does not provide font selection, do not accept their own handwritten text. Font size about 22
2, can provide a simple symbol pattern. But please do not use symbols directly in the text message box, and then must be exactly the same symbol
3, because it is a handmade product, the color, text shape, pattern will be different.
4. Handwriting is not used for printing, so skewing may occur. If you really care about these little details, don't buy it.

Tableware cleaning methods:
First, wash with water. After washing, dry it with a napkin and put it in the dishwasher.
Second, do not use any vegetable and cucumber cloth, steel brush, handkerchief in the custom area brushing.
Third, do not use any detergent to clean
Fourth, if you feel that there is no cleaning agent and vegetable and cucurbit cloth (the dirtiest is this) will not wash clean afraid of poisoning or bacterial infection, do not buy.
Embedding cloth cleaning method:
First, use toothpaste with toothbrush scrub
Second, use a clean water source that is not tapped
Third, use an electric fan or sunshine to allow the water to evaporate, and cover the toilet paper above, and replace the toilet paper for a period of time.
Fourth, the final blow dryer can strengthen some dead.
V. If the use of long-term damage or lightening can be sent back to the designer (return shipping costs)


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