Earth good music | good music bag - ink black

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The Lucky Bag is a bag that we developed according to our daily outing needs. When you go to work, go to school, or go out to eat, if you bring a general shopping bag too big, It is not enough to use a popular bag, and the bottom of the lunch bag is too wi



Earth good music | good music bag - ink black

商品説明 Good music bag is our bag developed according to daily outing needs. Generally when going to work, going to school or going out to eat If the general shopping bag is too big It’s not enough to use a cup that is popular now. The bottom of the lunch bag is too wide The size of the good music bag can put 2 bottles of water bottles Or a bottle (cup) drink + a light snack Suitable for light outing <Good music bag product description (indicated by ink black)> **[One-piece design, high value and super weight]** Patented one-piece design Handle covered with 0.5mm imitation leather paper 1mm Stinney non-woven fabric Extend from the bottom of the bag to the mouth of the bag (in addition to the hand, it can also be hooked on the forearm) Load 3kg up (please see [bearing test film]) Mention that you are sour, like a good music bag [Good music bag bearing test film] **[Light and stiff, washed ok]** The bag body is made of German thickened 0.8mm leather paper. Light and stiff, it is not easy to dump when placing a drink Dirty~ Soaked in water and brushed with a neutral detergent. No problem. **[Store easy]** The bottom of the bag design, the bottom of the bag can be folded inward and flattened **[product specifications]** Size: 20 x 9 x 19.5 (height) centimeters Material: bag body: Germany 0.8mm imitation leather paper, handle: US 0.5mm imitation leather paper +1mm Stinney non-woven Bottom of the bag: 20 x 9 cm, bag height: 19.5 cm Put 1 bottle of thermos (or 1 drink) +1 light snack Put a wallet + key and ok **【※Precautions】** (1) The difference between the ambient light source and the end display device when the product photo is taken (the color of the mobile phone, tablet and computer screen of different brands will be different), the color of the product and the actual product will be different, and the color is the actual product. If you have any doubts, please contact us first. (2) Although the toughness of leather-like paper is stronger than that of ordinary paper, in some places where the structure is weak, if the force is improperly applied, the paper will be broken. Therefore, when cleaning the music bag, it is recommended to wash it directly. Do not disassemble the good music bag to avoid damage to the paper bag due to improper application. If you have to disassemble the music bag, please disassemble it according to the method of the film. (The ps is damaged due to disassembly and assembly, the company is not responsible for it) [Good music bag disassembly method]


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