Natural sandalwood hand string - 6mm long hand string (around two laps) - light color models

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Natural sandalwood hand string - 6mm long hand string (around two laps) - light color models


Elegant sandalwood hand string Pick up sandalwood in Western Australia Drifting with a touch of sandalwood flavor has the role of calm and tranquility This hand string design can be wound on the wrist in two laps There are religious believers can be used when the beads used There is no religious believers can be used when the jewelry is also very elegant **Material:**Western Australian sandalwood, (decorative beads) brass beads 7, stretch elastic line. **Size:**Western Australian sandalwood pearl 6mm 54 tablets, (mother beads) Western Australia sandalwood pearl 8mm 1 grain. **can be worn on hand:**length 15 ~ 16cm (the amount of hand around the method: Please use a rope, you wear a bracelet around the circle, do not deliberately tighten or relax, and then use the length of the length of the rope ) **Customized matters:**This hand is made for 54 pieces, if more than 16cm over the length of the hand can be too tight to wear, please tell us the length of your hand, we will discuss how to your amount Customized,__each added a piece of sandalwood beads plus 10 yuan__. **Note:**We are made of natural sandalwood made of Western Australia, each grain with the color of the beads are not the same, we are picking the color or grain similar string together. Take pictures more difficult to present the original color of goods, hereby note. The last one product photo is 2 different colors Handle put together, provided as a comparison. ** Other 6mm hand string please see → **Shipping Notes:**sent to foreign buyers please note that please ask the exact postage, and then buy the goods Oh! **Receipt:**We are free to use a unified invoice store, so only attached to the receipt of Oh! If it is direct to send friends gifts do not receive receipt, please note that Oh! **Save and use** To remind friends who have a habit of rubbing perfume, wood beads easy to absorb the fragrance, wearing a hand wrist side of the wrist do not rub perfume Oh! Muzhu will absorb perfume taste, it will take a long time to restore the original taste! Natural woody material afraid of touching the water or wet, wash your hands can push back to avoid wet, take a bath must first remove, do not use when you ventilated and dry place. Do not accidentally wet the words, dry with a cloth, ventilated place to dry and then put away. Hand string for a long time, will absorb the body's fat, the surface will be faint fragrance, you can use a clean cloth to wipe, the fragrance will come out again. And the color of the beads will be more wear the color the deeper the more bright, wear the longer the better look Oh! **Knowledge of sandalwood beans in Western Australia** Natural sandalwood origin in India, Fiji, Australia, East Canada and other countries. Which India sandalwood, also known as Laoshan sandalwood, its quality is best, the highest oil content, mild flavor is not pungent, most known as sandalwood Need. But in recent years, India sandalwood prices soaring, so we use Australia's sandalwood wood for the material, the Australian sandalwood is also known as the new sandalwood or sandalwood sandals, in quality, the best quality of Western Australia, Of the second, sandalwood in Western Australia is less pungent and a little milk flavor. Origin / manufacturing method Wood production: Western Australia / manufacturing and design: Taiwan


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