illuClass : Create an own illustrator character (a series of four lessons)

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With your feelings, listen to your heart and draw your own illustration characters. This summer, the illustrator creator Bai Bai explores with you in the world of illustrations, let us paint for ourselves and find ourselves in the painting!
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illuClass : Create an own illustrator character (a series of four lessons)


From the time we get the pen, we will learn to graffiti naturally. Until we grow up, we will still paint on the paper unconsciously, looking for something that has been forgotten for a long time. Sometimes, there are occasional small voices that linger in the bottom of my heart. You can't tell, this is the hidden self on weekdays, or the dusty, long-time self? Perhaps, they are waiting for the call, only need a pen, they can let them jump out of your heart, jump on the stage of white paper, and start a journey with you. ☆Why are you offering this series of courses? Painting is a kind of leisure activity that can help relieve stress and release inner feelings. Through a series of courses, create a small character that belongs to you, and present your inner and the delicate and delicate brush with the brush, from which you can get to know yourself more and let others know you. ☆ Who is suitable for this series of courses? I like you to enjoy the illustration in a relaxed and free way. I want to create a rich life with illustrations. I want to create a different image of you with illustrations. ☆ What are the characteristics of this series of courses? The lecturer hopes to create a happy and fun way with the students in a relaxed and interactive way. Let us embark on the path of recollection, re-experience the beauty of life, and use simple painting techniques to turn these into moving entities, and become the little friends who will tide over their difficulties in the future. After the interesting creative process, we will teach the small step of turning hand-drawn illustrations into electronic images, so that you can easily use the characters in your daily life, so that you can make the icon role become a big picture or a self-portrait. His most unique signature, a unique image of the representative. The last class of the character notebook hand-painted production, so that you can bring your own small partner's physical notebook home! ■The first lesson 2019/08/4 (Day) Course content: - the birth story of the illustrator character - keywords that give birth to the character - Inspirational practice: a mind map from the heart - Homework: Please go home and sort out 3~5 keywords - Home gift: Kit No. 1 - Five ways to fly ideas ■Second lesson 2019/8/11 (Day) Bring your own supplies: Carry your own used paintings or paper (without). Please download the scanning Almighty King CamScanner software app for your mobile phone first (free) Course content: - Post homework: Keywords that belong only to you - Introduction and painting examples of painting tools - Drawing practice: summon illustrator friends with a pen! - Homework: Pick one of the small companions summoned by this class and draw him on paper (with a pencil) - Home Gift Kit 2: Let the character tell you five little secrets - appearance and personality ■The third class 2019/8/18 (Day) Bring your own supplies: Please bring your own used paintings or paper (without). Course content: - Post homework: the first appearance of a small partner - Live drawing: depiction and coloring of illustrator characters - Exercise: Convert hand-drawn to electronic image files with mobile APP software - Homework: Imagine the life and story of the illustrator's little friend. Next time, he will be on the cover of the hand-painted notebook! - Home gift kit No. 3: The character still tells you five little secrets - story and background ■The fourth class 2019/8/25 (Day) Bring your own supplies: Please bring your own used paintings or paper (without). Course content: -Hand-painted notebook display and examples - Live production of hand-drawn notebooks - Live presentation: Come on stage with your friends! Show your work to everyone and share this sense of accomplishment with everyone.