Wedding small things / custom / badge / strong magnet / gifts / with gifts / custom content / size

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Wedding preparations are very hard, and there are a lot of small chores, so be sure to be calm. After all, it is your own wedding. In any case, everything from weddings to small things is hopeful. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. It is most imp



Wedding small things / custom / badge / strong magnet / gifts / with gifts / custom content / size


Customized - 2019 best wedding small area / strong magnet stickers - large section diameter 5.7cm; small section 4.5cm I believe that if the relatives and friends who come to celebrate can feel the sweetness of the two people and the gratitude of the newcomers, you must be very happy. Wedding commemorative gifts, although small items, if you change a little, you can greatly increase the impression of your relatives and friends on this wedding, let us design a unique and special piece to touch the hearts of friends and relatives. You can decide the color style at your own discretion, and you can provide nine different styles of text content within 100 or more. It also provides a packaging lining card, which can be printed and printed with the name of the new person, the date of marriage, etc. We offer**matte finish**, upgraded texture and great value for money. **Powerful magnet sticker**, not a general soft magnetic, whether it is in the refrigerator or in front of the desk or office. Each order can have nine (within) styles that allow guests to choose their own and have more fun with the guests. **Purchase procedure:** **1. Any "question" and "shipping process time" can be asked before the order is made.** **2. Select the background color and determine the text content**(Also let the designer help you with 喔) Optional wedding area style (color and text content) or color ticket (custom text content) Background color: The color can specify the color of the wedding area - black (the word can refer to the icon) Color ticket series goods - white characters Green / white: G01. G02. G03. G04. G05. G06. G07. G08. G09. Blue / white: B01. B02. B03. B04. B05. B06. B07. B08. B09. B10. Yellow/white: Y01. Y02. Y03. Y04. Y05. Y06. Y07. Y08. Red / white: R01. R02. R03. R04. R05. R06. R07. R08. R09. R10. R11. Purple / white: P01. P02. P03. P04. P05. P06. P07. P08. P09. P10. Rendering color / white word: S01. Provide text: (including text content) 2019 Best Marriage Zone: A. Happiness B. Love C. 囍 (Example: Happiness comes + Name + Marriage Date) Custom text content **3. First understand the precautions** ***The customized series of this store has a minimum production capacity of 100. If it is less than 100, you can order it at another store *** The maximum number of words should not exceed 15 words. (please ask in advance if you exceed 15 words) ***Please provide the text content and color ticket serial number or provide CMYK color number. *** Color ticket matching text will be mainly white characters, please inform if there are other needs. (If the subscript is not provided and the inquiry is unsuccessful, the designer chooses the background color by himself) *** Computer camp or provide CMYK color number by yourself, but the color error is normal in printing, and the recipient will subscript. ***If you have any questions about production and delivery, please ask for the information and then subscript. ***Customized due to the content and quantity of the product, the production time is about 7 to 20 days (excluding the holiday). So be sure to ask for the time required to make the order, but basically we will ship it as soon as possible. If the time is urgent, ask first. *** After confirmation, you will be confirmed with you. After confirmation, you will not accept the change or cancel the order. **4. Subscript related options according to the purchase quantity** **5. Payment completed** **6. Confirmation file** **7. Production** **8. Send out** **Packaging needs** More than 100 wedding areas, product packaging with lining card design (single-sided), please provide the name of the new person and the date of marriage if there are other texts, please let me know. **Remarks** *** Magnet goods are not shipped abroad.


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