Fragrance-free comfrey Camellia shampoo bath soap dandruff handmade soap shampoo soap good wash not sticky

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【feature of product】 Fragrance-free comfrey Camellia shampoo bath soap dandruff handmade soap shampoo soap good wash not sticky • Handmade soap without added preservatives, foaming agents, lingzhi, hardeners, spices and other chemical raw materials.


good soap

Fragrance-free comfrey Camellia shampoo bath soap dandruff handmade soap shampoo soap good wash not sticky


★ shampoo and shampoo are not the same ★Some shampoos will feel sticky after washing the hair, because the calcium and magnesium ions in the water and the soap form a soap scale. ★These unwashed soap and scum will make our hair feel sticky. ★Soda slag is formed in hard water areas, and people with long hair are not easy to clean the scum. ★So everyone in different environments, different hair volumes, will have different feelings when used ★We have tried our best to improve this part, but there are still very few users who are still not used to it. ★ It is recommended to use shampoo for the first time. It is recommended to buy a small piece of soap for trial. After washing, be sure to buy a shampoo of general specifications. Our shampoo can be used for shampooing and bathing. Come to bathe and wash your face! ♥♥♥✨ 叮咛✨♥♥♥ 叮咛✨♥♥♥ This shampoo is not suitable for dyed hair and hair that is too badly damaged! It is used for shampooing! It is easy to produce sticky feeling) 挑 If you have damaged hair and dyed, please pick this ====================== This water softener is also available on the Internet. It is made in Taiwan and is a qualified product. You can check it online. It is suitable for shampoos that have not been able to get started!! Our shampoos are designed to try to improve the feeling of stickiness and sensation. If you use a water softener to wash your hair, it’s perfect. Let shampoo and bathing become a 5 star enjoyment This water softener is easy to install and does not require any tools. If you have any questions, please email me. Our soap can also be shampooed. Bath and wash!!! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ 【Instructions for use】 Because the hairy tablets will open when shampooing, do not comb your hair immediately after washing. After washing the water, wrap it up with a towel. The wet hair should not be combed. After drying, the comb will be smooth. 【product manual】 • Skin type: dry, sensitive, neutral skin • Use: scalp, face, body cleansing [Usage] ★ Note: The shampoo is weakly alkaline. Please avoid the soap from flowing into the eyes. If you accidentally enter it, please rinse it with plenty of water. ★ shampoo soap using a small secret ~ In addition to the use of hair, the first use of hair will be a bit dry, after two weeks of adaptation, you will gradually feel the health of the scalp, long-term use to improve the scalp, refreshing and supple. ★ Follow the cleaning steps below~ (so you can avoid soap and dirt) 1. Pre-wash the water and apply the soap to the scalp. 2. Massage each scalp with your fingertips. 3. Try to erase the bubbles on your head before flushing 4. To clean twice (dry hair and damaged hair can be rinsed after rinsing) 5. After the flush, wrap it up with a towel, don't comb the wet hair, and then comb it and then it will be smooth. 【Precautions】 • Handmade soap made from natural raw materials, because it does not contain chemical hardener, so the product texture is soft, do not soak in water for a long time. • Handmade soap should be protected from moisture, direct sunlight and hot and humid conditions due to the absence of preservatives and antibacterial agents. • The color of the handmade soap will gradually fade with the storage time and will not affect the product quality. • Hand-made all the way, so the shape and cutting can not be very flat or have small corners, the weight is also slightly different, need to be based on actual shipping. • Handmade soap is a personal consumable item that cannot be returned once it has been opened. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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