Mouse embroidered textured cotton tee white

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✦ loose one size ✦ mouse pattern is 8x wide and 6cm wide ✦100% cotton fabric with embroidery 实质 实质 substantial cotton t-shirt


Mouse embroidered textured cotton tee white


► Mouse embroidered textured cotton tee ✦ loose one size Please note that guests who have bought the rabbit tee! This version is the same as the loose route and slightly different from the previous one. Different from the bunny but very similar Thicker than normal cotton tee but not heavy It is completely thick in summer and can be worn without too thin and soft. The mouse tee has a short length, and it is very good to put it in clothes or directly expose it! The actual size must be carefully referenced to the table ~ (Character height is 163cm) ✦ mouse pattern is 8x wide and 6cm wide ✦100% cotton fabric with embroidery 实质 实质 substantial cotton t-shirt Spring, summer, autumn and winter are all suitable for the thick t-shirt second bomb! It may be hard to imagine what a simple t-shirt has to repeat. The bottom embroidery pattern of mouse tee is small in size and complex in color In addition to the high cost, the production is also more difficult, not as good as the general plane electric embroidery After several proofing, adjustment, and even replacement of the embroidery factory Finally, I am satisfied with the appearance of a mouse! (Applause encourages background sound) Part of cotton tee I spent a lot of time looking for a cloth that I can choose from. Manufacturers with ribs and deciding versions and a small number of manufacturers The rib color is usually rare from the quality of the fabric. I really like the distressed cotton used this time. Solid touch with a gentle hue There is a sense of satisfaction when you wear it on your body or in the closet. I am usually a fan of ancient times. The animals of noii noii are often said to have a retro taste in cute. Very happy after numerous proofs Finally launched distressed mouse tee I hope you will like it! ! ! ! ! There is also a dark blue mouse tee here (~'ω')~ ✷ Note ✷ The distressed fabric is slightly different from the general material, and the clothes are brand new. If you have doubts about the details of the fabric, please feel free to ask:) (The product is bright and clear, there is no map, you can zoom in and see) ✦ Washing method: "Hand wash, do not dehydrate, dry" Do not pull the clothes to avoid deformation when washing and drying. (It is not recommended, but if you want to lose the washing machine, you need to wash the laundry bag and wash it on the reverse side. Treat clothes gently and let the mice spend more beautiful days with you! Washing the collar may cause the weight to hang down slightly depending on the sewing method. You can put the clothes on the table and press the part of the neckline to dry it. ✦100% cotton Neckline rib: 95% cotton 5% elastane Pattern bottom: 100% cotton ✦The size of the product is measured by the actual product. The error value is about 1-2cm. ✦noii noii's products are handmade, and each item is unique and unique. It is strongly recommended that perfectionists do not order, thank you, any questions are welcome to contact us. If you have any questions about receiving the product, please contact us via "Message" Will handle it for you quickly :)


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