PEMA Tianhe Powder Crystal Therapy Angel

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Exclusive limited edition style with a variety of crystal design. Please respect the intellectual property. All designs retain space for design modifications and are welcome. Most of the products are made of natural stone, so there are natural textures, an


PEMA Tianhe Powder Crystal Therapy Angel


Amazonite (Amazon Stone / Microcline) is a lucky stone that can increase self-confidence, also known as the "stone of hope", which can make people positive, avoid negative emotions, and improve communication between people. . For those who are nervous, hysterical or often emotionally disturbed, Tianhe Stone can make people calm down more quickly, have the effect of treating emotional uneasiness, balance the body and mind, and promote health. A type of alkaline feldspar with a color between blue and green with a white texture in the middle. The green energy connects the heart wheel, which can make people eliminate the troubles in their hearts, make people have a happy mood to improve their luck, and strengthen their vitality, charm and affinity. When frustration becomes negative, wearing grape stones can increase perseverance and improve patience, guiding you to achieve your goals. Tianhe Stone has the following effects: The main corresponds to the throat, and the energy will also lead to the heart. There is a calming effect, especially in times of turmoil or chaos, Tianhe Stone can calm people. It can treat sad emotions, promote emotional healing and solve problems, and then project safe energy to protect the owner. For work, it is a struggle, a spirit of hard work, and confidence. If you encounter setbacks, you will not give up. Tianhe Stone helps people to help, strengthen their expression, communication skills and persuasiveness so that people don't often think about bad things. Tianhe Stone is a gem of confidence. It is a confidence to reach aspirations, enhance wealth, help investment, and help create a career. It is enough to lead people away from the negative energy magnetic field that is self-defeating, to stimulate self-confidence and courage, and to have the courage to face challenges and difficulties. The English name of the powder crystal is (Rose Quartz) literally translated as "Rose Quartz". The energy corresponds to the "heart wheel" in the seven rounds of the human body. Help balance the "thymus" and boost the energy of the heart and lungs. Relaxed and tense emotions, close to or often wearing the "Rose Crystal" ornaments, can enhance the pink light in the individual's gas field, so it will be particularly concerned by the opposite sex, which increases the attraction to the opposite sex and enhances the emotional movement. Material: Tianhe stone (8mm), powder crystal (10mm), sterling silver 925 silver, four elastic lines Size measurement: Please use a soft tape measure around the thinnest part of your wrist, which is the size. There is no need to reserve a loose copy. Precautions: 1. Some styles can be customized according to your size, you can first confirm the size by private message, and then make the action of placing an order. 2. The natural stone series jewelry of this museum are all selected with natural gemstone + 925 sterling silver jewelry. The natural crystal ore will have mineral marks, ice cracks, clouds, ribbons or mines, etc., all of which are normal, not fake, these are not Will affect the spirituality and function of natural crystal, the pursuit of perfection, please consider again and then place an order! 3. Sterling silver jewelry will oxidize with time, it is a normal reaction, you can wipe it regularly with silver cloth. 4. If you need gift packaging, please be sure to place another order {packing}


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