Light Jewelry Dry Bouquet - Ocean Blue Purple Bridal Bouquet / No Withering Flowers

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Bridal bouquets not only add points to the overall shape of the bride, but also show personal taste and style~ This bouquet is a blue-violet classic round bouquet, suitable for all kinds of body shape, plus a few light jewelry, to ensure that you shine red


Light Jewelry Dry Bouquet - Ocean Blue Purple Bridal Bouquet / No Withering Flowers

商品説明 Any custom-made bouquet can be $250 / only (original price $369), plus the same groom boutonniere (Figure 5-6) or the main wedding boutonniere. [Size] Other sizes can be customized according to the budget, or the price increase can be changed to share the bouquet (2 in 1 bouquet ~ 7 in 1 bouquet), welcome to discuss. Flower surface width 18-19cm general bouquet Flower surface width 21-22cm medium-sized bouquet Flower surface width 24-25cm, increase the bouquet [Flower] Handmade wood rose, shirt rose, pine flower, cotton, Japanese Solatong grass peony flower, soap rose, not withered hydrangea, tiger eye, mountain wind, small silver fruit, dry snow lotus, French white plum, wax Chrysanthemum, rabbittail, canary, gypsophila, Cassia, fern fern, etc., all kinds of handmade flowers combined with dry flowers, see blue + purple + white flowers. ⚠ Please note that some of them are seasonal flowers, so they cannot be exactly the same as the drawings. You can order other color bouquets. [Light Jewelry] Light jewellery is not like the impression that ordinary jewellery gives people a sense of luxury. The price is approachable and not high-profile. The designer will stick 2-3 pieces of light jewellery and rhinestone appliques to suit the appropriate amount. ⚠ Please note that the jewelry will be mainly in stock, so it is not necessarily the same as the beading of the figure. Lightweight jewelry can be added to increase the price. [Bundle grip] The designer abandoned the country style hemp rope, and changed to match the British romantic water blue lace (medium and long section), beautiful and fashionable. You can reply to other details. [Shipping Information] If you don't pick up the urgent order, please discuss the order with us 5 days ago. The designer can adjust the exclusive design for you. Because the bouquet is fragile, you can't accept the supermarket to pick up the goods, all black cat home delivery (shipping NT$210). Or you can write to the Hsinchu Zhubei Studio to pick up the free shipping. 📣【Precautions】 1. Dry flowers are fragile and easy to fall. Naturally, the flowers will be properly packaged before being shipped. However, there may still be some drops in the delivery process. Normally, please accept and forgive me. 2. The finished dry flower product cannot withstand the damage caused by the secondary mail, please do not provide us with the return service. Above, please accept and buy again~ 📣【Dry flower maintenance method】 1. Dry flowers are afraid of direct sunlight and fear of moisture~ If you can put them in a ventilated place, it will be better! 2. The preservation of dry flowers is based on the owner's care status. The longer the storage time, the color faded weathering or the falling of flowers are normal! 3. If you find that the dry flower is dusty, you can use the blower balloon for the camera to blow it. You can also use a soft brush to lightly brush it, or use a hair dryer to cut the cold air.


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