Digital painting of the leisure time of Paris at dusk under the street tower

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Moda digital painting - the beautiful travel series (the leisure time of Paris), contains colored canvas, paint, brush 3, paint cup, manual, digital stickers, wall hanging nail group, can be hung on the wall, table decoration , home decoration.... and othe



Digital painting of the leisure time of Paris at dusk under the street tower


【Product desciption】 The smell of coffee and bread floats on the street in the afternoon. Parisians work hard and enjoy life, sitting in the cafe leisurely. a cup of coffee, talk to today's self I am looking forward to Paris with too many dreamy colors. Later, I discovered that the beauty of Paris is not beautiful. But the calmness and self-confidence of people make Paris feel shiny Digital painting is completed in three steps ➡Tools: Brush paints are ready, open and draw immediately ➡Pigment: There are numbers on each pigment, extruded in the pigment tray ➡Painting: Finishing the painting on the corresponding number on the painting plate [Product Description] ● Suitable age: 3 years old or older ● Product content: color canvas, paint, brush 3, paint cup, brochure, digital sticker, wall hanging nail set ● Canvas size: 40 x 50 cm ● Usable: hanging on the living room or on the wall of the room, home decoration...etc. **[Beautiful travel series]** I want to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and feel the elegance and calmness of Paris. Or go to Japan and the sixth park to see the cherry blossoms flying in the sky. Or let's go to the blue and white church in Santorini, Greece. Look at the blue of the love sea, there are several color steps. Will you go abroad to every bit by bit, draw it down Travel is the way I create beautiful memories, and dear people Carry your luggage and bring your heart to the joy of your travel memories! A stroke of sketching, recollecting the scenes of the memories As if sitting on the time machine, no mileage In our minds, we travel around the world. The staff can't wait to open the painting first! One after another, memories of travel with paint Infiltrated in thick oil paints, the sinister life is liberated on the canvas The new oil painting travel experience is a kind of painting and a kind of travel. My heart is leaving home for a while! **[Zero basics simply enjoy the fun of painting]** ★ Find the same number of pigment tube coloring on the canvas, and repeat the corresponding numbers to develop logic! ★ The classic composition and color matching of the famous paintings of the century, inspire the aesthetic ability of color! ★ Coloring and repainting, delicate depiction of training wrist coordination! **[The most intimate lazy bag is a simple painter]** ★The latest third generation color canvas ★ Say goodbye to the painting while still facing the black and white canvas era of the map. ★ You can color more intuitively, focus more on the situation, and achieve true relief! **[The most peace of mind through the certification of non-toxic pigments]** ★The special paint for the staff, the painting is not afraid of the hand. Brightly saturated ones over the numbers! ★Enhanced seals have a longer shelf life, and you don’t have to chase after the journey!


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