Three-use beam rear backpack / full-custom

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Designed for the love of the earth and the old one, the product is a three-in-one bag with leather and second-hand jeans. It can be carried on the shoulder, back and back! Customizable content is available in leather, table cloth, and leather printed Engli


Three-use beam rear backpack / full-custom


『Image sample use materials』 Fabric: Used for second-hand blue and white striped inelastic cotton jeans, second-hand blue inelastic jeans, brown pebbled leather, dark gray cotton round rope Lining: cotton cloth Hardware: brass Size: bag length 31cm X height 35cm / shoulder strap vertical height 33cm Production: hand as the main, machine sewing "Customer needs and projects" 1. Table cloth: This kind of custom goods should be provided with second-hand jeans as a table cloth. You can send the second-hand jeans to the Taipei studio or mail it by yourself (you need to pay the freight yourself). 2. Leather: You can choose the leather color card or choose the appropriate leather according to the color of the table cloth provided by the designer. 3. Opening: Due to the restricted bag type, the opening method is not changeable, and the magnetic buckle is fixed. 4. Text: The leather part has a service for printing English characters free of charge, limited to 20 characters. 5. Other custom details are welcome to ask. [Daily maintenance] 1. When the dark material is exposed to water or friction, it may be discolored. 2. The leather is oil-protected at the time of production, but because the leather is like the skin, it needs to be moisturized regularly, otherwise it will gradually dry up. Please remember to help the bag to be oiled for at least half a year or during the season, it will be accompanied by beauty and beauty. You are longer! 3. Because of the mild climate in Taiwan, the leather is prone to mildew. Keep it dry and keep it in a ventilated place during the rainy and foggy seasons. Do not place it in direct sunlight until the skin shrinks and cracks. 4. Vegetable tanned leather can not be waterproof and anti-fouling, please be careful to avoid contact with hard objects. If there is a small area of stains or scratches, it will gradually fade to the unique use marks of vegetable tanned leather. [dirty treatment] 1. The surface of the leather is slightly dirty: it can be rubbed with an eraser, usually removing the surface. 2. Part of the cloth surface is small and dirty: use a little detergent and water to wash in a small area of dirt, then wipe it back and forth with a damp cloth. Do not put the whole bag into the washing machine! Because the bag and the leather part will be washed, the leather will become hard and dry, and the deformation will be irreparable! 3. Deep dirt: It is recommended to send it to the store where the special cleaning bag is used. [Precautions before purchase] About 瑕疵 Each bag is made by hand. The leather used is all leather, so there are some slight differences. If the following problems are normal? ▪ Product size (normal error range 1cm~2cm) ▪ Very small stains (no more than 0.5cm in diameter) ▪ Slight indentation ▪ The surface of the leather has pores, lines, blood vessels, etc. The spots and traces of the skin, there are slight natural skin damage, wrinkle texture difference, etc., the premise of making is to try to pick the best part of the whole skin, such as the pursuit of flawless goods Please consider carefully and place your order again! 2. About delivery For the customer products, the production will not be accepted after the order is received. The delivery date is “the working day from the beginning of the next day, excluding the holiday”, and the speed is determined by the order quantity at that time. 3. About replacement ▪ Be sure to communicate personal requirements and custom details with the designer before placing the order, as the personalized merchandise will not be refunded if it is confirmed to be produced in addition to the major defects (ex size and order labeling error exceeds 1~2cm). . ▪ If there is a major flaw, the complete package tag has not been cut, and the brand new (no one has to use traces, breakage, scratches, dirt, odor, dampness, washing) is complete (goods, accessories, accessories, gifts, internal and external packaging). Please take a photo within 7 days and send us a letter to tell us that we will help you exchange or repair it. ▪ Dear customers, please be sure to consider the order again. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 4. About warranty ▪ In order to provide customers with peace of mind, we are cautious in making every product with the belief that we must be able to use it for more than one year! Therefore, under the premise of normal use, we will provide you with free repairs during the year; even if you use it for more than one year, you will have a lifetime maintenance service according to the situation. ▪ In order to ensure that our products and production date can be identified during maintenance, the logo and production date will be printed before shipment (the digital height is only 1.5mm). If there is no special requirement, the printing position will be invisible on the inside. The cautious intention of slow music is the peace of mind that you hope to buy.


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