Hot sale back [smell library] American classic perfume test tube perfume 5ml new taste can be selected

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5ml Eau de Toilette has a variety of flavors to choose from, you can carry it with you.



Hot sale back [smell library] American classic perfume test tube perfume 5ml new taste can be selected


Product Name: Please see the table below Ingredients: essential oils, corn alcohol, distilled water (95% use natural ingredients) Specification: 5ml cologne Smell: 5ml test tube perfume - taste introduction Freesia: Freesia has a refreshing fragrance and a tubular tubular shape. The colors are from white, yellow, purple, pink and red. He is usually the scent of many designer perfumes used as a base. Especially pick the freesia, Because he is absolutely capable of being alone, Representing a fresh and independent atmosphere of petty bourgeoisie. Forbidden fruit: The main tone is that the forbidden fruit of the peach gives off a tempting aroma. When you smell the forbidden fruit, br /> It seems as if you have tasted a cup of forbidden fruit. marijuana: This comes from a unique cannabis smell. The stamina has some leafy notes. It is an addictive psychedelic taste with a deep, penetrating scent. Note: This product is a mild taste that uses essential oils and is blended into a "cannabis leaf root scent" through a machine. It does not contain illegal marijuana ingredients. Baby talcum powder: This classic taste, clean and refreshing powder Unconsciously thinking of the little baby in the mother's arms, happy and warm ★Zhong Lidi's favorite taste★ ★Asian sales ranking champion★ White Silver Needle Tea: White silver tea has a scent of woody notes followed by a citrus scent. Like an elegant manly, it is so tempting and emotional. Qin Tony: A trace of Tongning bubble water brings out the refreshing citrus fragrance in the main theme of Lyme. Brewed with a hint of alcohol. Even if you don't get drunk, you will fall in love with it. It is a unique work that has won people's hearts! Even the superstar Maggie Cheung used this perfume. Pure soap: Nothing is fresher than the natural scent of the skin just after a shower. This scent is inspired by the smell of pure, odorless ivory soap after washing. The cleansed skin leaves only a hint of pure soap with a fresh scent. It is a memory about soap, not soap itself. Skin pro: With orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot, peach A scent of scent mixed with vanilla. This is an exclusive perfume with a close lover~ ★Demeter popularity is hot! ★ ★Smell library sales ranking TOP 10★ Burning Marshmallow: Demeter captures the essence of marshmallow, sweet aroma and a sense of transparency. It is a honey-based candy marshmallow that dates back to ancient Egypt and is made from the root juice of the hollyhock plant. It was popular in the eastern United States in the 1800s. sea breeze: This is a special blessing for nature; close your eyes and imagine that you are lying on a lounge chair on your favorite tropical island, enjoying the cool breeze from the calm sea, this gentle taste with a little bit The salty taste is the sea breeze of Demeter. That's right! Demeter Sea Breeze reminds you of your last tropical trip and reminds you to move away from your busy work and plan a new trip! rose: Hand-collected, Bulgarian rose essential oil is also known as liquid gold, which requires 1,300 blooming roses to extract 1 gram of rose essential oil, which is more expensive than gold! It gives this rose perfume a gentle heart. sandalwood: The smell of sandalwood can calm nervousness, precipitate thoughts, relieve stress and relieve muscles, and relax muscles. It is a very reassuring smell. Kiss baby: Demeter research has only launched this linear baby perfume for 15 years. Light and transparent powdery scent, some lemons and a little cream, the perfect match is the first time in history, and the artistic conception of this classic clean series. rain: This smell is like summer rain, and the air is mixed with some wet muddy smell. The rain moisturizes everything, and the feeling of gentleness and cleanliness is like this. It is a drop of water that falls from the clouds and gently washes away the dust contaminated by the earth.  Sweet Toddy: A soft and comfortable scent, hot rum, creamy sauce, brown sugar, lemon, stirred with cinnamon and a little cardamom, European and American countries have been drinking hot cream rum for hundreds of years. The word Toddy is not the same as a cocktail, but they are all similarly modulated. Our formula, called spirits, water (both hot and cold) and sugar, is called Toddy. In the traditional way of brewing in Scotland, "Toddy" is made by adding hot water and honey and a little lemon juice (or lemon peel) to the local whisky. It is believed to have the effect of going to the wind, for the ladies of Scotland, The modulation method also greatly improved their acceptance. Origin / manufacturing methods United States


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