Pearl milk tea small blue penguin canvas bag hand-printed / wool felt Zhen milk oblique back / side back / portable

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Original hand-made canvas bag - small blue penguin of pearl milk tea, penguin is dark blue, bag is larger than the vertical A4, can be slanted back / side back / hand-held, pearl milk tea is specially hand-stitched with non-woven fabric and wool felt Every


Pearl milk tea small blue penguin canvas bag hand-printed / wool felt Zhen milk oblique back / side back / portable

商品説明 **//The little blue penguin of pearl milk tea //** The little blue penguin of pearl milk tea is designed after the cat of pearl milk tea and the dog of pearl milk tea. The small blue penguin lives in Australia and New Zealand in the southern hemisphere, so it is printed in dark blue. Little penguin pattern itself about**wide high 5.3cm x 6.4cm**, the use of non-woven wool felt and Jane in part to do a combination of milk, a little closer look at it, pearl dolphin felt up, we have strengthened fixed , but friends can__**never hard 喔**__XD~ The bag is larger than the upright A4, and it is 8 amp canvas. It is thick, and it is suitable to put 13 吋 notebook, thin coat or a small amount of small things. For example, the**pearl milk tea cat**used. We use a frosted zipper bag, which not only has the texture and the beauty, but also can be used repeatedly in the future, and has a layer of protection on the shipping package. Compact pattern Quiet companionship Simple existence is also a kind of happiness Ps 1. The product is photographed as a real product. It is a natural phenomenon to have cotton seeds on the cloth. 2. Because it is hand-made and hand-sewn, each pattern position will be slightly different or slightly different. If you don't mind, then buy 喔~ 3. If you need to clean, it is recommended to gently rub,__**Do not pick up the milk**__, so as not to drop the pearl, wash it and then dry it or blow it with a hair dryer~ 4. If it is sold out, it will take 5-7 days to re-create it. Please wait patiently~ //Contents // Material: 100% cotton, thick canvas Origin: Taiwan original design / hand made 绢 print Dimensions: width 27* height 35cm (slightly larger than A4), shoulder strap length is about 100cm, short strap is about 28.5cm Color: The penguin body is dark blue, the tea made by the sewing is the skin color, and the pearl is dark brown.


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