Relativistic Leather Boots-Moyu

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✔ Benzene dyed two-color three-dimensional leather feel ✔ Drum and drum pressure relief cotton lining ✔ Three-dimensional corresponding to double car line ✔ Outer strap design


Relativistic Leather Boots-Moyu


Size/35-40,**foot width>10 cm is too tight, not recommended** 🚩Relativistic leather boots, 3 colors in total🚩 -------------------------------------------------- --- 📍 Resume Bubble Nara Popona pull hand-made shoes Origin/Taiwan Color/Moyu, Maple Brown, Oak Outer skin / benzene dyed soft leather Inner / first layer of dolphin skin Insole / first layer dolphin skin Outsole / wear-resistant rubber sole Boot tube / height 12.5cm Barrel circumference/27-27.5cm Version / Normal version with foot last, foot width> 9.4cm or wide feet, please take the larger size 1, foot width> 10cm is not recommended -------------------------------------------------- --- 🔆 we do what we do **Essential non-returnable fashion short boots** There are popular boots every year Sock boots, military boots, Chelsea boots, ankle boots... It's very tiring and expensive to follow the trend~! Some of them are unspeakably weird when they are worn out every other year. A pair of long-lasting short boots, the design is simple and beautiful no matter how many years they are taken out This pair of boots is designed for this consideration, and I am chasing new boots every winter It's better to have a pair of boots that you can wear and wear well. Choose the natural leather material that is exported to Europe, the more primitive texture will be after long wear There are very few opportunities to buy this kind of leather in China, so I recommend you to wear it. For size suggestions, please provide: 1. Foot length 2. Foot width 3. Foot shape 4. Normal leather shoe size that you usually wear (Sports shoes and canvas shoes are too large, please do not provide such shoe sizes) 📦Return and exchange instructions Product returns and exchanges must be kept in the new state, and there is no return or exchange if the shoes have creases and outsole wear. Please pack the shoe box and accessories completely, and BN will inform the delivery of the bag. Exchange/ During the appreciation period, a free postal size change service will be provided. However, if you request a return after the exchange, the buyer shall bear the postage of 160 yuan for the exchange. Return/ Requests for returns can be made during the 7-day appreciation period from the day of receipt of the goods. If overseas orders need to be returned or exchanged, the buyer shall bear the freight. ⚠ If there are customs duties incurred when the goods are sent overseas, the buyer shall pay the duties 🚦International inspection standards recognize non-defective conditions🚦 Creases caused by non-human factors such as growth lines, dermatoglyphs, and wrinkles on animal skins. The left and right feet of the handmade shoes are slightly embossed asymmetrically. The left and right foot patterns of the leather are inconsistent, and the color correction of each batch of leather is within 5%. The thread end or the connection point that can be cut off is sewn repeatedly, and the leather surface is less than 0.2cm. Slight overflow of glue, soaking of leather or heavy foot sweat, causing fading.


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