[The United States brings back Western antique jewelry/old western pieces] American brand Monet vintage clip-on earrings

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From the American Cincinnati antique jewelry store, Monet classic gold bead earrings in the 1970s.


[The United States brings back Western antique jewelry/old western pieces] American brand Monet vintage clip-on earrings


A very cute little Monet gold earring, It fits our desire to wear small earrings easily, The painless Monet ear clips make the earrings longer and more comfortable to wear. It is a good choice when you want to wear it easily~ ◎The story of the brand https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50862426443_9118026144_o.png I believe that someone who is collecting antiques or vintage accessories is absolutely no stranger to the Monet brand. Monet was established in New York, USA in the 1920s. Its product style emphasizes personalized style and is famous for its golden jewelry. Its unique high-tech gold-throwing process makes Monet's jewelry very durable and not easy to use or change over time. Fading, can be stored permanently as a collection. I strayed into the pit of retro jewelry because I was convinced that jewelry that has been well preserved for decades has a certain quality; for me, it will still be used for decades, and retro earrings are rare and special, not easy Just like others, in this way can you show your uniqueness~~~ Modern art style is the source of inspiration for Monet’s design, and Monet often dominates European and American trends. In European and American countries, retro is always part of the fashion trend. Because of its strong sense of design, many major jewelry manufacturers such as Cartier are all designers of Monet jewelry. Therefore, buying a cheap Monet is equivalent to buying a high price. The exquisite design is really a brand earring worth collecting! ● Mark: Monet ● It was around 1970's ● Style: Clip-on earrings (new ear pads will be provided) ● Commodity source: Cincinnati, USA ● Size: 1.1 cm ● Material: Alloy 【Purchase Notes】 1. Our antiques and retro pieces are 100% old objects from the United States in the last century, from the 1940s to the 1990s. Some of them are well-preserved and look like brand new, but many have traces of time. If you request "new" products Please do not subscript! 2. The moderator currently lives in the United States, so our source of goods is a private collection passed down by an American antique jewelry store or an American family. The goods are disinfected in accordance with the professional standards of the antique store, and we have professional ultrasonic instruments Clean it and clean it again with soda and alcohol, and replace it with new ear plugs or ear pads, hoping to give our guests the best wearing experience. 3. If you have any questions about details, or need to see more photos, please contact the designer, we will try our best to provide the most detailed information and photo details. 4. The photo was taken in natural light, without too much retouching, but it may be different from what is displayed on the screen. You can confirm with us repeatedly before buying whether it meets your requirements. 5. Opening offer: Every purchase will give a retro gift from time to time. If you click like on Facebook or IG fans, you will enjoy a discount of 100. 6. Proceeds from the merchandise of this mall will be donated to the project for disadvantaged women in India.


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