[ColorDay] Dazzling ~ Topaz Topaz + + + Olivine Garnet natural pearl silver bracelets <Citrine + Topaz + Garnet + Peridot + Pearl Silver Bracelet>

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[ColorDay] Dazzling ~ Topaz Topaz + + + Olivine Garnet natural pearl silver bracelets &lt;Citrine + Topaz + Garnet + Peridot + Pearl Silver Bracelet&gt;


Natural pearls <Fresh water cultured pearl> June birthday stone, ancient Indians believed that the gods turned dawn dew pearls are made of; Persian mythology is considered the pearl is changed from the tears of the gods, the symbol of bright hope. Pearl has elegance, a symbol of health, purity, gorgeous. Citrine <Citrine> [November birthstone], the most important function for the enrichment, especially the fiscal side, but also a symbol of wisdom and joy, can make us confident, and have to reduce the fear, calm and smooth with good effect. Topaz <Topaz> November birthstone, derived from the Sanskrit name of T apaz, means "Some Like It Hot." In the Middle Ages, the Egyptian royal family is very popular to wear Topaz, due to the brilliant shining Topaz symbolizes the life-giving sun god. Help strengthen the skills and persuasive, enhance personal confidence and bring stability to calm. Garnet <Garnet> [January birthstone], a symbol of faithful love. Can provoke happiness and eternal love, increased self-confidence, fight depression. Also can increase when people think of inspiration, evil Hua Sha, become free from external violation of body stone. Peridot <Peridot> Known as the evening emerald, August birthday stone, a symbol of happiness. The Egyptians called olivine as a "gem of the sun", I believe it has the power of the sun can eliminate fear, confidence. Silver <Sterling Silver> Silver moon with the same energy, feel safe, nourish the soul. This section has joined the reflective surface of the corner beads, bracelets make more shine. 【Product specifications】 Citrine polygon <Citrine>: from about 0.3 cm Polygonal Topaz <Topaz>: from about 0.3 cm Garnet polygon <Garnet>: from about 0.3 cm Polygonal olivine <Peridot>: from about 0.3 cm Natural pearl <Pearl>: from about 0.3 cm Accessories: 925 sterling silver are to extend the training of about 2.5 centimeters Size: containing extended training for hand around 14 to 16 cm, such as hand around more than 16 cm, please specify when ordering, Follow "Actual hand around" custom provided. Method actual hand circumference: at the wrist with the tape or strings "close to the wrist" perimeter, around the hand know the actual straightened length. 🔺 size of more than 18 cm, please add the following purchase food items https://www.pinkoi.com/product/Nu7lwTiW Guidebooks [] When silver is recommended 🔺 long wear, can be removed only when the bubble springs. 🔺 goods are attached to the silver polishing cloth, if contact with sweat, cosmetics, skin care products, chemicals, etc., may result in oxidized strap. Silver polishing cloth may be used to restore luster. Silver polishing cloth can not be washed. 🔺 ore is used to clean water or cleaning products, pearls and neutral cleaning after wear. If 🔺 not wearing long, clean finish line after collection [Reminder] 🔺 shooting light and computer screen set differences, color photographs may be generated with a slight gap between the solid product, and natural crystal ore neither identical to every single color, contains little stone vein, cloudy ... etc. in its natural texture characteristics, then the next set - acceptable [Introduction] designers and brands We are fond of natural minerals and hand ready creators matter, I believe natural breeding material has the purest inspiring force. We carefully select natural stone combined with silver, Hand to create exquisite fashion "light jewelry." Wish to express simple yet elegant lifestyle through work, So that each Colorday favorite friends can have a Happy Colorful Day !!! [Origin / manufacturing methods] Taiwan handmade Hand Made in Taiwan


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