Clip Series Hand-painted Series - Washable Kraft Paper, Washed Paper, Paper Leather Hand-painted Leather Hand-painted Hand-painted Acrylic Paint Paint

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Acrylic paints hand-painted models, each creation is the only work. Paper leather long clip features: water resistance,


Clip Series Hand-painted Series - Washable Kraft Paper, Washed Paper, Paper Leather Hand-painted Leather Hand-painted Hand-painted Acrylic Paint Paint


-Product Description - Hand painted acrylic pigment leather paper series Each creation is a poem story Rendering in different moods becomes walking The stories stacked in color are rendered in my hand and extended in your hands. In the small corners of each work, the imprints that belong to our creation are left for each work. If the style is your appearance The only works worth your own, the only one you deserve is unique style ★ Creative hand-painted products adhere to the**hand-painted**, non-large-scale printing production ★Slightly different styles of painting each time, only this one ★ Our insistence is to create more unique works that deserve to be shared with the world's most unique -Dimensions- Middle folder folded in half size: height about 10.5cm X width 12.5cm Middle folder size: height about 20cm X width 12.5cm - Internal compartment specifications - 10 cards, 1 zip pocket, 5 wallets (Can be classified storage bills, invoices, receipts, even**passbook, mobile phone**can be put! Can complete classification of storage) ★Based on the drawing style of each piece of work, make interior color matching design!! (The color of each work is different!) - Material - Leather paper (washable kraft paper), YKK metal zipper, metal buckle Acrylic Paint Features: ○ water-soluble paint odorless,**water resistance after drying**,**is not easy to crack or fade**. ○Easy to store, strong adhesion, can be used on any material surface, such as: wood, paper, plastic, metal, etc. Paper leather features: ○ New material made of plant fiber, natural environmental protection material, water resistance, abrasion resistance, non-toxicity. ○ After special treatment, it can be washed, it is not easy to tear, considering the material's fit and sewing stability, it is not recommended to directly soak cleaning. ○ After a period of use, it appears as a leather-like pure wrinkle and natural gloss. ○ Paper leather will be more resilient to water, normal use of paper leather, and can be used for several years by the designer himself! After six months of use by the designer himself, it appears as natural leather-like luster ● Adhere to complete hand-sewn sewing. It is entirely produced by the designer himself. Each work is a creation. - Maintenance mode - Paper leather maintenance method: ○ Clean with soap or water in clean water or brush, and air dry or hot. Local cleaning is recommended to avoid affecting the suture structure. ○ If it is contaminated with oily stains, markers, etc., it cannot be eliminated. ○ Do not get near fire. By The Way design studio After creating the life of a product, each person uses different, and later use presents the subsequent value of the product. We create new products, please create new life for your products! The product is displayed on the main screen with a slight color difference Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade