European style gray blue small table flower with gift box table flower anniversary rose birthday gift wedding gift

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The whole-hearted design gives exquisiteness and fashion. Regardless of gift or personal use, let flowers embellish your life in any space. In a fast-paced life, as long as one second, stop and take a look, it will always bring you a different feeling.


European style gray blue small table flower with gift box table flower anniversary rose birthday gift wedding gift


—— European-style gray blue small table flowers (with gift box) —— ⁣ Small, cute, exquisite and standard gift Different colors can be customized! Welcome to discuss with the designer ⁣Size: length 11 width 10 height 13 (cm) Both positive and negative errors —— Commodity packaging ᴘᴀᴄᴋᴀɢɪɴɢ &sʜɪᴘᴘɪɴɢ ғᴇᴇ ——⁣⁣ The product already includes a gift box. Other packaging materials must be purchased, which can be purchased separately at the store. —— Not withered flowers introduction—— No withered flowers = eternal flowers Production process 1| The fresh flowers are dehydrated, decolorized, preserved with artificial glycerin, and organic dyes. 2| Keep the soft posture and color of the flowers in the best condition, and will not lose quickly compared to dry flowers. 3| If the flowers are not withered, the viewing and storage time can be extended to more than 3 years, and it is even longer and very durable. 4| The petals and textures of each flower are different, and they are all natural and native. Production method of preservation without blooming 1| Easy to store without withering flowers, still pay attention to humidity! ! 2| Turn on the dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep the humidity around 50~60%. 3| It is normal to weather and fade over time. 4| Too wet will make the petals transparent, and too dry will make the petals too dry and cracked. 5| Do not expose to the sun directly, it will accelerate the fading. 6| Do not touch alcohol and water. 7| The petals are fragile! Do not shake or apply force. 8| If there is dust, use a dust-blowing ball or brush to lightly remove the dust. 9| The flowers placed in the glass cup can last longer. —— Commodity delivery—— 1| When sending, it will be safely packaged to securely protect the goods 2| Dry flowers, no withered flowers, it is normal for a little flower material to fall off, perfectionists please detour. 3| Due to seasonal shortages, flowers of the same price and color system will be replaced. 4|In response to environmental protection, the anti-collision packaging material and outer packaging will be reused when the product is sent, and it will not affect the product itself and the gift box. If you mind, do not place an order. —— After-sales and evaluation—— If there is any problem with the product, please contact us first and we will handle it for you immediately! If you like this product, you can think about the photos and your joy, and I hope you will give us a good review🌹! Shiwei Garden was established in 2020|Custom flower ceremony|Handmade teaching| Time: refers to a period of time ⁣ Wei: lush vegetation The source of the flower shop, ⁣ Guest’s trust, ⁣ Professional technology, ⁣ Perseverance in art, ⁣ Design concept, ⁣ It is my name, My original intention. ⁣ ⁣ Really brave people, ⁣ He is a person who does not lose himself while drifting with the flow. ⁣ Is my motto in life. ⁣ Keep faith, original intention, ⁣ Design with life, ⁣ The majors learned in the past are combined with the majors of floral certification, ⁣ Attentiveness to each creation is the perseverance that should be had, ⁣ This is Shiwei Garden⁣ 🌾Incorporate flower plants into life and become the most demanding demand ▫️Lecturer qualification of Japan's OREN Metal Association ▫️Japan’s OREN Metal Association Overseas School ▫️Lecturer qualification of Japan AUBE Association |Think of me whenever you need it


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