Fine Warring States Red Agate Simple Brand Loose Bead Pendant Xingyue Bodhi Beads Charm Bracelet Accessories Jade

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Fine Warring States Red Agate Simple Brand Loose Bead Pendant Xingyue Bodhi Beads Charm Bracelet Accessories Jade


[Name]: "Safety Buckle" [Material]: Red Agate in the Warring States Period [Size]: 38 × 38 × 10mm [Gram weight]: 20.5g Ping An Wu Ji card, simple design, gorgeous colors, peculiar natural patterns, protect peace and health. Warring States Red: I. Structure The structure of the Warring States Period Red has the general characteristics of agate, that is, silk-dominated, with prominent corners, and magnificent changes. With its unique structure, it shows the magic of natural power to the world. Here are explained from the three structures of lamination, twist, and alum. Cascade The main structure of the Warring States Red is the stacking of agate layers of different colors. The color layers are thin and varied, the boundaries are clear, and the phenomenon of mixing two colors rarely occurs. When the color layer is stacked in multiple layers according to a certain rule, a tangled structure is formed. Warring States Red is mostly red-yellow layered, there will be transition colors in the color layer, but also other colors, such as purple, green, white, and black. Twist Distortion is the most obvious characteristic of the Warring States Red structure. Except for the thousand-layer board structure, all laminated structures have distortions. Repeated distortions and corners of different color layers form the unique beauty of the Warring States Red. Natural creativity is expressed through the twisted structure. Incisively. Alum In the course of the agate's itinerary, it is easy to form a crystal at the center, or a structure where the crystal and agate fuse. The folk call it alum. Alum is commonly found in agates of various origins, such as Brazilian agate and chalcedony in Madagascar. Alum is mainly divided into soft alum and hard alum. The hardness of soft alum is lower than that of colored materials, and its density is also low. Hard alum has high density, high hardness, can be polished, and some can form beautiful snowflakes. Crystal clusters also form in the center of individual large blocks of rough. In the Warring States Period, in addition to the thousand-layer board structure, stacking and twisting coexist, which has created its ever-changing and different structural characteristics, and the connotation of the Warring States Period is also reflected from this. The Warring States Red has been in circulation for several years, and some popular varieties have been formed. Several structural varieties are summarized below. 1. Moving wire: The Warring States Period is red, and the winding is diverse. When colored (mostly red, a few yellow) agate windings are filled with a transparent frozen agate layer, and the colored agate windings have a small spacing, the frozen agate layer is transparent. When light changes the angle of sight, a difference in light transmission occurs, and the visual effect seems to be moving. The effect of moving wire is also found in other types of silk agate, such as Yuhuashi and Liangshan Nanhong, and also in the chalcedony of Madagascar. It is better to move the wire with a thin wire, a large area and a vertical cut angle. The Warring States Red Moving Silk has bright colors and a strange look. Because there is less moving silk material, it is more precious. The structure of the moving wire is very thin, which can be as large as 12 colors per millimeter. 2.Thousand-layer board: When the agate color layers are all stacked in parallel without bending or twisting, a thousand-layer board is formed. This phenomenon also occurs in other ores. The lamellar red, yellow, and transparent colors in the Warring States Red are all available, and some can also form a moving silk effect. There is also a golden yellow in the thousand-layer board. This kind of golden yellow generally exists only in the structure of the thousand-layer board. Some are similar to titanium in crystal. Second, the degree of The texture of the Warring States Red ranges from oily to transparent to dry. Oil is the best, followed by transparency, and interference is the worst. Some of the yellow oils of the Warring States Red had a good moisturizing feeling, and chicken oil yellow came from this. Some Warring States Reds contain more transparent agate and have a transparent texture, but they lack oiliness and their quality is inferior to oily materials. There are also dry materials in the Warring States Red, and both red and yellow are present in dry materials. Such qualities are inferior. Tricolor The reason why the Warring States Red is famous is mainly in this color. The Warring States Red is brilliant, and it has excellent performance in the main red and yellow colors. Most of the Warring States Reds have red and yellow colors, and a small part contains other colors, such as purple, white, green, and black. These colors are now classified as motley. In this way, the colors can be divided into red, yellow, white, purple, and green. The primary qualities of the Warring States Red top grade are bright colors, clear color layers, and no chaos. In terms of structure, the Warring States Red has always been known for its distortions and strangeness. Among them, the structure is clear, the good direction is the top grade; the broken and disordered is the bottom grade. In terms of moisturizing, oily is top grade and dry is low grade. To sum up, the color, structure, and moisturization are combined into the Warring States Red Grade, with bright colors, clear structures, and oily ones as the top grade; dark colors, alum and cracks, and dry ones are the lower grades. Such as chicken oil yellow moving silk, blood red moving silk material is extremely high quality. Those who are dark red, dry and yellowish alum are substandard.


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