"From the house"

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"From the house"


**From home workers** Home Business lives at home Part 2. Summer tour **Offer more Hualien imagination** - Travelers who are traveling for business University of Denver proposed to subvert the traditional "2025 University Blueprint" Imagine the future of the students do not say, "I am majoring in biological", "I double repair information technology and politics" But said: "I am learning biology because I hope to have the ability to reduce the famine of the world." "I am learning about information technology and political science and hope to improve the mechanism of citizen participation in politics in the future." This is so nice! Find the topic of concern, you can inspire a powerful power! "Self-residence part2 summer tour" introduces 12 "travel-oriented" self-employed people in their own homes, Own land, their own areas of concern in the business, engaged in travel-related work. Apply Stanford University to the imagination of future students, they introduce their own business, not to say, "I am a tour guide, Bed and breakfast, travel platform, commercial photography ", but said: "The purpose of my design run is to do something friendly to the environment." "I plan the forest into a camp and want to make the tribe together with the like-minded people." "I promote outdoor sports, cultivate young people's environmental awareness, can not wear equipment to forget the fear of nature." "I want to" live with my master "and become an advantage rather than a shortcoming." ... Travel industry is one of the world's largest industries, a lot of work can be listed as one of them. It is also very special Industry, doing well, will cause "travel people waste money, land resources are excessive consumption" tragedy; done well, The world will be because people move and understand each other, and more rich. Interviewed 12 staff, found some similar practices: Take a little slower (let the visitors see in-depth rich and interesting, need careful planning) Experience a little more (in eating fish dishes, to explore the forest secret, so that people at the same time to hear very powerful very vivid explanation, Rich ecological knowledge) Money spent on the focus (congratulations, no shopping trip) Many details of the discussion (try to keep the most beautiful memories, not only run, stay, photographers also this As their own responsibility) With the traveler to become a friend (this should be a service satisfaction of one hundred percent of the proof) All for the sake of the people of the "altruistic mind", the purpose is to hope that more people love Hualien (let Hualien more people cherish) The tourism industry is also one of the most important industries recognized by Hualien, and we would like to say, "The business model of these people, Can provide some of the future of Hualien travel industry imagination. " No words? "Monopoly" are designed, and sincerely so you play! table of Contents 12 to travel for the self-employed: 01 with a mountain to do the reception ____ Isozaki alpine forest base 02 climb out of a life of the arc ____ collapse rock Museum 03 slowly travel, slowly learn ____ "FUN HUALIEN" depth of ecological exploration 04 turn the bend of the landscape, perhaps more charming ____ migratory Fish Bar 05 cross the threshold, I can do a lifetime ____ Jin Lei underwater whale dolphin photography 06 good things to do, will grow strength ____ tree image 07 is such a good ____ real Homestay 08 want to find a variety of comfortable and comfortable way of life ____ Hualian good book room 09 simple vintage re-evolution ____ hand well 2.0 10 work is for the family, but also to go home __ roommate 11 slow down, peaceful coexistence ____ sea studio 12 Our job is to travel in Hualien ____ Hualien traveler 3 summer tour Hualien theme map: Alpine forest base Experience of migratory tide Fun Hualien Ecological Observation Product specifications Pages: 80 pages Size: 185 (w) mm ╳240 (h) mm Paper: cover _ fragrant paper 190g, inside the page _ full color snow Song _80g Printing: full color printing Price: $ 250, including summer tour Hualien travel Monopoly (6 opportunities +6 fate) coupons Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan