Kyoto Impression Japan Dyeing Crane Sackle Sou.Sou Izumo Mint Mian Leather Handle Handle Fresh Orange

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Kyoto Impression Japan Dyeing Crane Sackle Sou.Sou Izumo Mint Mian Leather Handle Handle Fresh Orange


Just remember that you had a big sun, Colorful walls and signs, I am beautiful imagination of the world, Is a city called Kyoto. This is a bag body materials are from Japan's bags, Orange linen is found when traveling to Kyoto, Above the lid is the Ise wood cotton slim, In their official website also see. Like so carefully tinted, bold with color, Bright but intuitive, full of visual surprise, As if every color is full of emotion, Bag cover cloth they named "street" Those lattice and the line is actually the street and the house, So I will this bag named "Kyoto impression" So-called designer self-retention money ... In fact, this cloth has long been cut, Then cut the weight of the two, Do the first after that is really beautiful, Do not want to give people to enjoy, Spent a long time finally willing to release the ... But will not repeat the production. On the right that is my Hello! You see how much I have sincerity, To sell that with the lock is relatively beautiful 欸. Would like to like the original Ma's vitality, The kind of not too much processing touch, Did not expect in Japan actually have color, See the time really excited to fly! And finished a good super ride, Combined with fashion and the original material is really type. To sell a car zipper, And then you can install a lot of things Oh! A4 no problem, Kettle umbrella cosmetic bag all can be. There are two open pockets, a zipper pocket. In order to maintain the body stiffness, Linen on the back and inside are added double hard lining, Let the bag look good. Bag cover part also added two layers of thick cotton lining, So it is very thick and very hard touch Oh! Like the MRT on the shirt with pants is absolutely punctual, But easy to wear a little wear is also very suitable. Linen in the production of water before the first sizing to avoid excessive hair, The initial use may still be a little floating, Back a few times after no Hello, You can also use tape stickers to deal with ^ ^ But this feeling is like holding a pet as sweet! Japanese hemp Japan sou.sou cotton cloth Taiwan canvas Taiwan leather handle size High 26cm Width 39-44cm Bottom thickness 10cm Mention 53cm Can put A4 only one Origin / manufacturing method Nana independent hand


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