18 star awning expansion incense box - peace white

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Diameter 9 x 7.5cm, hand-made borosilicate glass, contents: white marble, compound fragrance 50ml bottle, handmade glass with lid



18 star awning expansion incense box - peace white


**Design concept|** A crystal-clear glass jar, Collection of treasures of the earth. The hand-blown**18-star man-made jade fragrant treasure box**, cherishes Taiwan's unique and peaceful white marble, which is made of recycled stone. After many grinding processes, it is made into a diffusing function. The jade, as long as you gently open the white cover, drop a few diffuse essential oils, you can feel the local temperament from Hualien. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/33917027988_7266bfb969_b.jpg **18 star awning glass craft|** Inspired by lotus leaves, the HANSCHIU classic series "18 Star Mans" is designed with oriental style and fashion style tableware. The whole series is made by mouth blowing technique, creating 18 lines like a star-shaped streamline. After the light, it reveals a rich layer of luster, symbolizing the birth of the brand in 2018. The shape of the petals used as artifacts originated from the Tang Dynasty of China and flourished in the Song Dynasty. The general Chinese utensils are mainly made of chrysanthemum, while the 18-star mans of classic works are designed with the concept of lotus. And there is no flaw, as if the lotus is generally muddy and not dusty. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/33917168558_32a6301621_b.jpg **#研石造物** HANSCHIU participated in the research and development project organized by the Hualien Stone Resource Center. It actually went deep into the marble industry in Hua'an Township, Hualien. Through the production technology observation and the feeling of the local scenery, the “Cloud Time Mountain” series was created. The new product "Expansion Box", which was produced in Hualien's factory in the past, has become a home-like texture after many processing, and it has a rich cultural atmosphere and more emphasis on environmental issues. . https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/47741716802_d5aa5a5fa6_b.jpg **#白昼玫瑰** Compound Fragrance: White Rose, Vanilla, Frankincense Fragrance tonality: floral The more classic the more unforgettable, Hans 揉 and the elegant white roses and frankincense, blending the fragrance of the soul to feel the bloom of the flowers. Combining white roses and frankincense, it seems to come to the beauty of the garden wedding, surrounded by white roses surrounded by silk, so charming and exciting, the final tone is to set the overall elegant posture with vanilla, bringing a moving moment to life. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/47004856504_bd5bdfec4b_b.jpg **Instructions for use|** A bottle of 50ml of fragrant essential oil is attached to the fragrant treasure box, and the fragrant stone is lightly placed in the treasure box. According to the use space, the appropriate amount of scented essential oil can be poured to release the comfortable fragrance atmosphere. Precipitate, shake it evenly before use. It can make the essential oil less volatile and prolong its service life by covering the lid when not in use. If you need to change the fragrance formula, please take out the fragrant stone and soak it in clean water to remove the residual essential oil, and put it in a ventilated place to dry it. **Product specifications|** Diameter 9 x 7.5cm, handmade borosilicate Content: Peaceful white marble, compound fragrance 50ml±10% Handmade glass with lid https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48460327431_4ba17b8254_b.jpg **Upgrade instructions|** Optional upgrade program can be upgraded to a 50ml gift box with 1ml of 50ml flavored essential oil. 3 into the expansion of the essential oils are the same formula, can not be combined. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48402991761_428f66e6ab_b.jpg / Glass use and maintenance methods / 1. Avoid putting it in a heater such as a microwave or dishwasher. 2. Avoid using corrosive detergents. 3. You can use lemonade to remove dirt marks and restore the original luster. / Notes / Each piece is a hand-shaped glass product, and manual traces and bubbles are normal. Every item will have a slight height difference Black stone plate for situational indication, non-commodity accessories Containing natural ingredients, occasional precipitation in the bottle is normal and does not affect the use / Fan Group / HANSCHIU / Origin & Manufacturing / Made in Taiwan handmade


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