PDM | AVALON Woven Floor Mat S (Urban Green)

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PDM floor mats can prevent dust mites, can be washed and cleaned, and can be used on both sides of the pattern, which allows the space to change at any time, and the home style is not limited.



PDM | AVALON Woven Floor Mat S (Urban Green)


※The free appreciation period (non-trial period) within 7 days after the arrival of the goods, if it is not the quality of the product itself, please pay attention to the following matters when returning the goods during the appreciation period: Because PDM floor mats are large-volume goods, in order to protect the goods, large-volume shipping methods and billing are used: **A. General area** The shipping cost is 350 yuan per piece, which is included in the price of this product. If there is a demand for return, the price of the product will be refunded after deducting the shipping fee of 350 yuan. **B. Outlying islands and remote areas** The shipping cost is 650 yuan per piece, and the 350 yuan shipping fee is included in the price of the product. When placing an order, you must add a discounted shipping fee of 300 yuan. If there is a demand for return, the total payment amount will be refunded after 650 yuan shipping is deducted. ※Large volume goods, due to different delivery calculation methods in remote and outlying island areas, cannot be added to the site-wide $490 free shipping activity. If you need a dedicated delivery, you must purchase a special shipping fee of $300 when you place an order https://www.pinkoi.com/product/xEzqHd2p https://youtu.be/KBqMGIVu6sc https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/600e31bcfa1cfb001736070c/original.jpg?1611542971 Create a beautiful home style Can't find a suitable floor mat for the home space? PDM can help you create your own home style! Simple lines are interlaced and stitched together with the delicate touch of unique weaving. You can easily decorate your home in any space. PDM floor mats can prevent dust mites, can be washed and cleaned, and can be used on both sides of the pattern, which allows the space to change at any time, and the home style is not limited. Nine characteristics of the product: 1. Use of double-sided patterns 2. Anti-UV ultraviolet rays 3. High color quality 4. Completely waterproof 5. Prevent the growth of mold 6. Tightly woven, durable 7. Prevent the breeding of dust mites and other allergens 8. Fine sewing 9. Environmentally friendly and recyclable Maintenance and precautions: 1. Do not use sharp objects, high temperature, fire, glue or paint on the floor mat. 2. Do not pull, tear, or rub hard. 3. Do not drag furniture or heavy objects directly on the floor mats. 4. Do not put cigarette butts and flammable materials directly on the floor mat. 5. When moving or storing the floor mats, please roll them up and do not fold them. 6. Please use a neutral detergent to wash by hand, and the water temperature should not be higher than 60℃. 7. Use damp cloth and soap to clean local stains. 8. Do not bleach, iron or dry. Avalon's inspiration comes from the "urban rhythm." People in the city face the flickering lights and time every day, just like wandering in a never-ending maze. Designer: Sini Henttonen Product specifications Product Name: Woven Floor Mat S (Urban Green) Size: S-90x200cm / M-150x240cm / L-180x270cm Material: PP -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- other instructions The color is slightly deviated, and the actual product color shall prevail. More information: The color of real products will be slightly different form the website through your monitor. Origin/manufacturing method Thai design/Thailand production


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