Yuanqi bamboo straw (six groups) - you have reduced plasticity

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✪ 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 ✪This product is a personal hygiene product, and it is sold without returning goods. (瑕疵Not in this range) ✪竹子 is a natural bamboo, bamboo has both its bamboo and bamboo spots, no chemical processing bleaching agen



Yuanqi bamboo straw (six groups) - you have reduced plasticity


This product is a set of 6 pieces. If you need to customize laser engraving, please go to https://www.pinkoi.com/product/2StaACny?category=5 Fill in the quantity, and when you check out, write the text you want to customize in the Remarks column. This product has a range of about 10 characters in Chinese characters and 20 letters in English letters. ✪ 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 购 _product__ The length of the bamboo straw is about 21cm, and the diameter of the bamboo is about 0.4-0.8cm (two in each of coarse, medium and fine, excluding the Boba bamboo straw) __Bamboo__ Taiwanese arrow bamboo, used for more than 2 years, origin Nantou __Process__ High-temperature steam carbonization treatment: the capillary is sealed, it is less prone to mildew, and the process is free of chemical coating. Bamboo film removal in the hole: manual removal of the bamboo film to avoid blockage in the hole (There are still a few bamboo films that cannot be completely removed and will be completely removed after several uses) __characteristic__ The bamboo straw has a bamboo shell inside to protect the bamboo film. The bamboo shell is not damaged during the process of removing the bamboo film. Therefore, it is not easy to mold in the tube wall, but it is exposed at the two ends of the slit due to capillary pores. It is easy to contain water and is prone to mildew. . If this happens, you only need to use a knife to cut the moldy part. After the hot water is boiled and disinfected, it can be used continuously, but it is not recommended to use it if it is too serious. (Bamboo products are not recommended for storage, and frequent use can avoid mildew) __maintenance__ It is recommended to clean immediately after use, such as drinking coffee and heavy taste drinks. It is recommended to wash with water after 2 minutes of soaking, which is easier to remove odor. It can be placed in a drying machine for drying, or dried in a ventilated place. It is recommended not to accumulate water in the place to avoid mold. __Shipment__ All choose a hole diameter of about 0.4-0.8cm pipette shipment Thanks to TVBS TV station, I am very grateful to the program production team for a two-day interview with Zhushan. Continue to do what we think is the most valuable thing At the beginning of the running time, running and running, but brainstorming out the bamboo toothbrush, and even let his father's old factory come back to life... ➡[Home bamboo mountain town industry flip town bamboo toothbrush] [One step at a time, every Sunday night at 10 o'clock @55 units] https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=JZtDArs09i8 https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8881/28838106296_2b3ab98f3d_b.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4321/35953941782_c005ca3677_o.jpg https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8172/29472339172_3fb8c250df_b.jpg https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8668/28869238815_0113dee194_b.jpg https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8805/28838105876_1dc8bbc88a_b.jpg Zhushan Town, Nantou County, 30 years old factory - 『元泰竹艺社』 The bamboo industry in Taiwan is one of the best sunset industries Modern life is too far away from bamboo and replaced by a large number of plastic products. Recently the factory is facing a choice of bankruptcy or transformation So we developed bamboo daily necessities that we use every day. After half a year of production line adjustment, product design I have only recently had time to put such a good life. Push to the web platform and share with you Origin / manufacturing methods Factory direct production, origin Taiwan handmade


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