Little Lily Ryukyu Key Ring

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Little Lily Ryukyu Key Ring


Glass beads are also known as "dragonfly beads" With the Paiwan and Rukai people as home and marriage in the treasure. In the traditional social class, only the nobility can have glass beads Representing the nobility of the noble status and power. The characteristics of each bead are completely different, behind the hidden myth and the sacred meaning. In the aristocracy from generation to generation, and by different colors, beautiful glass beads to show their creativity and mystery. Glass beads are divided into large, small and small size by size Each different color of the beads have their own specific symbolic meaning Some representatives of life, some symbol of noble, and some are the power of the body care The works of antique bone porcelain glass beads for the stems, pendant image of the lily in full bloom, to show the aboriginal simplicity, toughness, Combined with popular elements, so that the combination of glass beads and fashion, the performance of the new style with the times. ◎ Packing size: (length x width x height) ~ 15.5x4.5x1cm ◎ [main material] * bone porcelain glass beads + aluminum + nickel plated buckle __**★ products according to show the photo !! has been the main shipping, before the purchase can be the first private spot style ★**__ Reminder 1. Product photos for the show, because the computer display or camera shooting in the ambient light source of different color is a normal phenomenon. 2. This product has a variety of items with color, with the color of the entity to prevail 3. Commodities for handmade products, can not produce 100% fine and exactly the same, it is inevitable that there are imperfections, please understand! If the buyer is extremely demanding quality, please be careful to avoid disputes. 4. Workshop received 7-11 order notice, will call again to confirm whether you will pick up on time. In order to avoid orders not pick up the goods, increase the burden of the workshop. Buyers will not take the goods, the workshop will cancel all their qualifications. Please pay the buyer carefully, thank you! The Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan / manual warm heart production


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