KANGAROO rock climbing powder bag

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KANGAROO rock climbing powder bag


KANGAROO rock climbing powder bag Weight: 115g Size: 10cm*10cm*17cm Material: CORDURA 420D KANGAROO powder bag with the traditional powder bag and the function of the powder to the bag-like way to build the concept of powder ball inside the powder bag to provide dual-use innovative design, allowing users to a powder bag to meet the two needs, easy to dry Hands. TW PAT. M460553, M472541. PATENTS PENDING WORLDWIDE • Traditional powder bag and built-in powder ball dual design • Inner use of flannel material to increase the efficiency of grasping powder • Bundle with waterproof film elastic cloth to reduce powder spill • The powder ball is fixed in the powder bag and is easy to fill the powder and does not have to worry about falling • Outside brush place https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-3l_syPqusvo/UwrG_diy-8I/AAAAAAAACR8/4Bi82B2MxdU/s640/1.jpg Climbers to maintain the dry hands, magnesium carbonate powder and powder bag has been the necessary equipment for climbing, and because of the need for uniform powder, in addition to powder bags and derived from the powder of such products, but the ball in addition to filling Not easy, but also has the possibility of accidental fall in the way of climbing. Which cut into the design, to produce a combination of traditional powder bag and pink ball concept of the new powder bag https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-D1ztODqITn4/UwrHEBqvhSI/AAAAAAAACTU/RBbpBIssL-E/s640/9.jpg KANGAROO powder bag combined with traditional powder bag and powder ball concept to provide dual-use function to pocket the way to the concept of powder built into the inside of the powder bag to increase the efficiency of climbing players and improve the previous powder ball is not easy to fill and easy The unexpected drawbacks of climbing. The bag in the bag filled with powder design, can effectively reduce the powder spill and scattered situation, in addition to a large number of grasping the demand for powder can also open the bag bag, the use of bags designed to hook the opposite side of the bag directly Powder use. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-6E3qvrCDt4E/UwrG_VTfviI/AAAAAAAACSU/3Ki85-ON8Pk/s640/10.jpg The bag in the design of the perfect combination of powder and powder bags, Built-in Chalkball and Loose Chalk two uses to meet your needs. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-nxdOsT0ZJiA/UxPwGNRo7qI/AAAAAAAACUM/Jutu8tQVhPE/s640/KANGAROO.jpg Powder bag two-color tangent shape quite neat, a total of khaki coffee / black blue / purple gray with three colors. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-UR0s7Ji9kfo/UwrG_EYyeVI/AAAAAAAACR4/CE-CLV3WR4o/s640/11.jpg Built-in powder ball Usage: Figure 1. Open the internal zipper pocket, filled with magnesium carbonate powder filled with built-in powder ball Figure 2. Fill the powder after the pull zipper, repeat the pressure of the powder ball powder evenly https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-RdzuK6KeHKk/UwrG_0_oBKI/AAAAAAAACSM/bFs3b7iKeSM/s640/12.jpg General powder bag Usage: Figure 1. Open the zipper filled with magnesium carbonate powder filled with built-in powder Figure 2. The lower part of the zipper hook to the powder bag opposite the bag wall, you can directly use the powder https://youtu.be/UFds9iNy-yY Products on the KICKSTARTER platform published in the introduction of the film https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-_Jq2f2SKxPU/Uw8LXpuiryI/AAAAAAAACT8/ZWRaFgaG-a0/s640/cats.jpg Revolutionary Chalkbag program in KICKSTARTER 48 hours after the line to reach the target, the final total fund-raising more than 432% target. Origin / manufacturing method Made in Taiwan


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