Blue-green bottom rose flower pure cotton thin sail extra large double wax rope drawstring bag food bag vegetable bag sundries bag

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Love the earth. Care of health. Environmental awareness series. With the heart of loving the earth with environmental protection, we started in this land where we grew up. Plastic reduction. Unplasticized. Instead of using disposable plastic bags/bowls for food, try cloth food bags that can be washed and reused~ ※The designer collects fabrics while stocks la


Blue-green bottom rose flower pure cotton thin sail extra large double wax rope drawstring bag food bag vegetable bag sundries bag


[Commodity design features] **Table cloth**:**Pure cotton cloth** **Inner**:**Non-bleached and dyed raw cotton thin canvas**, easy to clean and dry! **Opening**: **Double drawstrings on both sides**, you can directly hold the purchased food. When you carry it in your hand, it can isolate the dust in the air. When eating, you can hang the drawstring on your wrist for easy handling. ※**Extra large size**, in addition to holding food, it can also be used as a harness for other purposes. You can hold whatever you want. ※**also very useful to buy dry grains that are resold without packaging scales**! **Recommendations for use**: The food is suitable for toast, bread, sandwiches, chicken cakes, wheel cakes, steamed buns, burgers, fried food, dry food, fruits and vegetables... and other dry/slightly moist foods without too much soup. I hope everyone can do their best to protect the environment and be healthy~ 【Material and Washing】 Pure cotton It can be hand washed gently with neutral lotion or housework soap, and can be ironed. 【size】 Flat weight: about 32x23cm (error about 1~2cm) [Handmade by Huatu ♡ Original Intention and Small Warning] 1.**Huatu Handmade**is a purely hand-made brand created to commemorate the designer's Rabbit Angel.**The Passing of Love**is the original intention of Huatu Handmade to sell handmade works. 2.**Current sales revenue is used to feed the rabbits and rescue local waves by themselves**,**wish to use the power of small bean sprouts to make the world a better place**~ 3.**handmade knit stitch and sew**may be some imperfections,**to take the best area of the fabric when cut**,**take the map will be different**. 4.**Everyone’s screen settings are different**, so the actual product and the screen display**may have a slight color difference**. 5. Purely handmade,**Perfectionists who require color and workmanship**,**Please think twice before buying**. 6.**order to protect the package from being overwhelmed for a long time due to weekly holidays**,**Parcels will not be mailed on Friday**. 7.**Saturdays and Sundays are the family day and the material purchase processing scheduling day**,**no shipment**(except for special orders),**return messages only when available**. 8.**-time super rush orders do not take**, if a specified time arrival date, please order a private hearing before the confirmation, do not specify the direct orders, I am afraid not bother with. 9.**Not available 24 hours a day**, please contact us if you have anything to do, wait patiently, Huatu will reply and deal with it as soon as possible!


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