(Spiral style) MSA glass pen wine red purple hand lettering dip pen stationery

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The glass pen production "No Draft" will go directly into the production period. If your lettering is complete and there are no other questions, the designer will ship directly after 14 working days. During the period, I would like to ask about t


(Spiral style) MSA glass pen wine red purple hand lettering dip pen stationery


Making a glass pen is a master. Hand-carving is another master to complete this work. Thank you for your patience. The glass pen (Japanese: ガラスペン), also known as the Venetian glass pen, is a special writing device (sucking rainbow principle) that uses the capillary groove on the tip of the pen to store ink and guide it to the tip of the pen. The production of the glass pen must be burned by a highly experienced master. The tip of the glass pen needs to be heated and twisted to a special angle to suck the ink into the tip with capillary action. It is a very sophisticated technique combined with perfect pen curve and color! Brand: MSA GLASS ENGRAVING Material: hand-fired glass Size: The total length is about 19cm / the width of the pen is about 1~1.2cm (handmade, each piece is slightly different) Content: glass pen 1 + wood pen holder 1 Customized range: 5~6 English letters or 1 Chinese character Glass characteristics and pre-purchase attention / glass and color: (1) The glass is light-transmissive, and it will produce a slight color difference with the surrounding color. The brighter environment will be lighter in color, and the darker glass will be darker in color. (2) Due to the difference in color and color of the personal screen settings, please refer to the actual product. (3) The small bubbles or air lines in the custom-made glass pen body are inevitable traces in the process of burning glass. Each piece of glass pen is a unique creation. Warranty and repair: (1) Hand-made glass, please pay attention to the use and collection method, fragile to glass characteristics without warranty. (2) The glass pen is subject to the damage condition and material, and the maintenance fee is charged (please first write or call customer service). Brand: MSA GLASSENGRAVING Material: rosewood / log pen holder Features: The wood grain texture is clear and elegant or hidden or present. The visual sense is very good. The texture is very clever, tight and varied. The hand-made sanding is smooth and the sealing is good. Dimensions: total length of about 24.5cm x width of about 1.8cm / inner diameter of about 1~1.1cm Storage placement: The wooden cover is pulled open in a rotating manner, and the cover is also rotated in a rotating manner. The glass pen tip is placed upward in the box, and the inner top and bottom have protective cotton to cushion the impact safety protection. The wooden cover is tight: the wooden cover needs to have a certain degree of tightness protection. Before the shipment, the test is first checked. If it is normal to feel that it is not easy to pull it out, please tighten it with a rotating method. Buffer sponge: The buffer pen sponge in the log pen holder (can be replaced by a sponge in your own stationery store) is inserted in a filling manner, and can be trimmed or thickened according to individual needs. Caution: After cleaning the glass pen, be sure to dry it to avoid the inside of the log pen holder. The pen with ink may stain the pen holder. Note: The texture of each piece of wood texture is different. The wooden cover and the wooden box are different even if the same wooden grain color is different. Note: wood products have wood knots or small areas of uneven grinding for manual non-twisting, does not affect the use, if the material requirements are higher, the studio can personally choose to avoid minor misunderstandings. Note: Do not expose the wood products to sunlight or place them in direct sunlight to avoid cracking. Do not get wet. A little secret about wood... There is no identical wood in the world. When the wood is naturally formed, it will produce many textures and features. The texture is intertwined with anatomical molecules such as wood ray, axial thin-walled tissue and growth wheel, and different patterns are displayed on different sections. It seems to have a more unique sense of value. The characteristics include the pores of the wood knot heartwood and sapwood, the color texture, the streak of the tree, etc. are normal phenomena. Common features Wood knot: Harder dark wood knot is the root of the branches of the tree. Each piece of wood will have more or less wood knots. This is a natural phenomenon that can only be found in real wood. Color texture: Due to the influence of irregularly permeable substances during the growth process, it is normal for the wood to have color difference. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/595217d29a76f017090005c6/xlarge.jpg?1498552273 https://shoplineimg.com/5600b9d7039055a866000051/5b260fe410abb97ef80087da/1600x.jpg https://shoplineimg.com/5600b9d7039055a866000051/5b68ac560e64fe1bf5025d13/1600x.jpg https://shoplineimg.com/5600b9d7039055a866000051/5b68ac554e22a6cc9b002124/1600x.jpg


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