Limited natural stone crystal glass ball bracelet

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Sea Maidens Mermaid Hand Creation Art [All halls can be customized] Want to change colors, change buckles or add hanging



Limited natural stone crystal glass ball bracelet


(Wrist size reference) If you want to purchase more than your existing stock, please contact us first -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Sea Maidens Mermaid Hand Creation Art [All halls can be customized] Want to change colors, change buckles or add hanging ornaments.. etc, please private message us** **** -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Glass ball size: diameter 1.6 mm Material: glass, alloy, natural crystal, metal (**Glass ball is fragile item, please avoid high drop or strong collision**) -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ▲ Crystal Style ▲ The crystal in the glass ball can be arbitrarily matched and can be put at the same time. ▲ Introduction ▲ (more details please pull to the bottom) Pink crystal: peach, marriage, relaxation, increase popularity, improve the relationship between love. White Crystal: Inspiration, concentration, evil prevention, and health. Amethyst: calm, wisdom, help sleep, socialize, suppress nightmares. Citrine: Lucky, eliminate tension, improve stomach, increase confidence. Tangling jade: transport, health, pressure, evil. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- __**Please provide wrist circumference**__ ● Knot B adjustment space reserved 5cm (please refer to the figure below),__you want to shorten, please inform__ -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ▲ Statement ▲ -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- The payment is made only after the next payment is made, and the order is sorted according to the order. If there is a demand for time, please fill in the remarks column and confirm with the designer first. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- 1. Pink Crystal (Love Gems): __Relaxed tension, relieved irritability, and broadened the mind. Improve impatience and lack of patience and enhance affinity.__ __Recruit peaches, promote marriage, improve relationships, promote popularity, and bring pink-pink love.__ Pink crystal gem has been the famously love, can__facilitate transport of love__, it comes out of the attractive light pink, love can make people around on their own Oh. For__harmony and personal connections offices__especially important influence, whether customers, between superiors, subordinates and colleagues, crystal powder can bring excellent auxiliary and improve effect of making human relationships more mellow,__popularity even stronger__. Not only that, couples quarreling when the cold war does not speak, put the pink crystal in the middle of the two pillows, can help the end of bed and bed. Pink crystal can improve your feelings with the other half and help you__have a happy life__. Pink crystal can make you more temperament! This temperament is more conducive to attracting love. Wearing pink crystal jewelry allows you to reap unexpected sweet love. Pink crystal bracelet is suitable for both hands,**wear on the left hand to soften your own temperament, make you more soft, approachable, wear on the right hand can increase their own charm and attractiveness to the outside world.** 2. White crystal Energy can make individual clear-eyed, white crystal placed on the desk or desk, but also help__improve efficiency__, enhance personal source of inspiration. Can help regulate personal mood and physical and mental health.__children focus on__to improve academic performance. Reiki has__against the yin, town house, evil spirits__effect. 3. Amethyst Nature's most natural sedative, but also famous__wisdom spiritual__crystal. Amethyst is usually used as a crystal for emotional stability. The crystal therapist will use amethyst to adjust the user's mood, dispel anger, fear, anxiety, and__eliminate sadness and depression__to calm our entire body. It is a stabilizing agent for emotions. If we are emotionally unstable in life, or if we are irritable, it is best to wear amethyst to soothe our emotions. In addition to being the stabilizer, amethyst is also very good upgrade__wisdom__crystal, it helps us improve our focus and strengthen our spiritual perception and cognition, as well as improve__enhance memory__effect. If the poor quality of sleep, you can also consider when to sleep wearing amethyst crystal, its magnetic field may help calm insomnia and nightmares of people good sleep easily, especially dreamer, amethyst can__suppress nightmares The occurrence of__. Amethyst relatively seven wheel system of eyebrow wheel, amethyst can not only__develop wisdom, help thinking, focused on studying power, increased memory capacity__, and can increase the vitality of the operation and the head of brain cells, the brain takes a long time for students and Office workers, amethyst is an indispensable crystal jewel weapon. Amethyst also social stone, but here refers to the social is not like rose quartz brings popularity, but belongs to the introverted type heart and hair attractive margin, often wears help often__meet the honored, increase wit, Improve intuitive and subconscious__. 4. Yellow crystal The main wealth transport, commonly known as__Fortune Stone__. The mild yellow light can inject harmonious motivation into people's hearts and strengthen their aura. It is full of confidence and joy. Also known as the “stone of merchants”, it can stabilize business development, create unexpected wealth, and bring wealth. It is an indispensable treasure for service-oriented commercial companies and businesses. Orange citrine Lord umbilical wheel, have__digestion nervousness, stomach and other digestive aid__functions. The main gastrointestinal function is also a guardian stone for Gemini! Corresponding to the human body sun wheel, this is one of the energy centers that can best support the self, so if you wear the citrine jewelry for a long time, you can__strengthen your confidence__, and take a firm stand. 5. Dongling Jade Wearing green Dongling stone for a long time will benefit human health and enhance human immunity. The green Dongling Stone contains a variety of minerals and trace elements, often wearing__soothes stress, reduces anxiety__people's vision, so that people's vision is more open, more broad-minded, become healthy and happy. Wearing green Dongling stone can purify the evil around the human body, drive away the filthy stuff and achieve the effect of evil spirits. It can also help people living in doom,__reverse the bad luck and bring good luck and wealth__. Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Taiwan


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