Essential Oil Candle*2+ Long Match*1 Intimate Offer

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The design is inspired by the girl ’s desire to eat dessert. Many are caused by depression or fatigue. When the soul needs to be soothe, light a cup of 100% natural soybean oil candle. Not only the shape is cute, but the oil composition is more helpful. Re


Essential Oil Candle*2+ Long Match*1 Intimate Offer


**Why do we insist on using 100% soy wax & pure essential oil?** Most of the commercially available scented candles are made from paraffin and artificial flavors. There are many brands that advertise soy + essential oil candles. In order to last, they are usually mixed with essential oils and fragrances. Our raw materials are very simple and open, 100% Soywax & Essential Oil, and the color part uses natural color powder (made by plants, such as carrot powder, red scallion powder, turmeric powder, bamboo charcoal powder and wisteria root powder Natural toner, not as bright as artificial colors). Although these persistences have greatly increased the difficulties in production, we are willing to work hard to study them and take the time to overcome them. In order to bring you the most authentic and natural sensory experience without causing harm to the human body and the environment. We want to tell you: "Candle Sweet's candles are made of 100% soy wax + pure essential oil". | Cute and healing style decoration + comfortable and relaxing home experience when returning home + private space with fragrance before bed + natural hand cream to moisturize the skin + warm massage essential oil. Candle on the body ?? !! Using 100% natural soybean wax + essential oil ingredients, all are extracted from natural plants, no black smoke (CO2) is generated during combustion, and it is a friendly environment and a naturally recyclable renewable resource. When the candle goes out, stick some on your hands. The warm one is the pure natural hand cream + skin care lotion. Why doesn't the wax drip on the body? !! Generally, the melting point of traditional paraffin wax is about 60 degrees. Touching will cause burns. Soy wax has a low melting point and a transparent oily appearance after melting. The temperature is only 38 ~ 42 degrees, which is equivalent to the temperature of a hot spring. It is very suitable for taking and applying to rough and dry skin, and has good moisturizing and moisturizing effects. =================================== If you also like our candles, Hesitating about which flavor to choose, Then choose the great discount [Essential Oil Candle (ˋ45ml) x2 + Long Match x1 Combination]! Let us help you randomly mix two flavors, and a box of 10CM non-hot matches, Practice a little graceful behavior and a taste for a better life every day. Special price 760NTD (original price 818NTD) Commodity content: -Soy Oil Candle (Small) x 2-Burnable 12hrs up / per cup -10cm Classic Long Match x1- Contains 18 ~ 20 ------------------------------------ A whisper to everyone: Commercially available scented candles are manufactured in large quantities. In order to last for a long time, artificial flavors must be added to make the flavor stronger and more durable. We insist on using pure natural essential oil candles, with special emphasis on freshness. All products are hand-made after ordering. The best taste period is within three months after opening, so that every user can feel the most Healthy and natural pleasure experience. ------------------------------------ * Unopened for two years. Made from pure natural raw materials, the best use period after opening is recommended within 3 months. * This product is made by hand using 100% natural raw materials. It burns cleaner, no black smoke, cotton core and iron flakes can be recycled, and glass containers can be reused! ------------------------------------ CANDLE SWEET continues the ancient tradition, improving quality and raw materials, using 100% pure soybean wax + natural essential oils, providing sweet, elegant, warm and relaxing happiness. Designers carefully grade and shape, the process of making by hand is not easy, but whenever we see the final result, the customer is very satisfied, which is the source of our motivation. According to "continuous pursuit of progress, let customers get the senses and soul "Pleasure" is the first goal. -------------------- 💡In order to bring you a natural smell and visual experience, in 2015, CANDLE SWEET dessert-shaped essential oil candles were born. Compared to following the footsteps of others, "continuously trying to create various possibilities" seems more meaningful and fun, fuller, and closer to the original intention of CANDLE SWEET. --------------- Origin / manufacturing methods Hand Made with Love


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