Inu Zhangzi Dharma gogoro VIVA EC-05 Ail induction magnetic buckle [free lettering 1-7 words]

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Provide free lettering service, the number of words is about 1 ~ 7 letters, all letters are in uppercase font.


Te Leather

Inu Zhangzi Dharma gogoro VIVA EC-05 Ail induction magnetic buckle [free lettering 1-7 words]


Inu Zhangzi Dharma Gogoro Holster Lucky fortune, Cycling safely! Order a mascot "Inu Zhangzi Dharma" gogoro Key circle, Healing Guardian rides you who love the earth. Special bag-shaped design, round and super cute! !! The gogoro key can be completely covered and then buckled inside. Protect keys from being lost! !! So in addition to the gogoro key, Can also be used to put the leisure card or induction magnetic buckle! !! Or the house of a life-saving amulet, 保险 Help money 🆘's vault! !! Versatile use, can be used for a long time without wasting. Guarding users daily, The more people use the more loving Gogoro key set of Dharma tumbler. Let ’s protect the planet with energy conservation and carbon reduction. Let the forest grow thicker Polar bear babies can have a comfortable polar home. Collar design, convenient for hanging neck, Never forget where the keys are! !! awesome! !! If you hate necklaces ~ Do n’t like hanging necklaces, Can also be made into key ring styles! !! Character Story Introduction 🗻 Inu Zhangzi is a mythical animal from Japanese folk, It is also a local toy that children love, Legend has it that it stands for vitality to thrive. In ancient Japan, Poor medical conditions, Children are prone to illness and death. The ancients saw the vigorous vitality of dogs, This charming and cute origin is born! !! At this point, the ancients gradually began to compete in worship. Ancient women made dolls like dogs and put them in their homes. Or wear a pendant and pray to the children, Growing up like a baby dog, Every day is full of energy. Dogs have been a companion to mankind since ancient times, In addition to representing vitality, Dogs also symbolize loyalty. The Japanese believe that Inu Zhangzi is placed in the office, the porch at home, the living room, etc. Will bring a lot of health and good luck! !! The Dharma tumbler series has Dharma face, Inu Zhangzi, Shiba Inu, cat and more! !! In addition to being practical and durable, May your bicycle be safe. Make the charming Dharma tumbler, Heal gogoro owners! !! Riding on Love Earth, Be cute and cute too! !! After ordering, Please send a message to discuss with us the favorite color. Or write the custom color and lettering on the order note directly😊 One by one sewing by hand, Durable and durable daily necessities. Goodies to accompany every day Provide free lettering service, The number of words is about 1 ~ 7 letters. The letters are all uppercase. The font size is 3mm or 5mm. Custom colors / Popular black and various hand-dyed colors. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade Custom matters needing attention: ☆ Chapi hand-made colored leather is mostly hand-dyed by Chapi, So each time the color is not exactly the same, but it will be similar in color and then the color of the tea skin itself :) But this is also a unique and charming place for hand dyeing, This part of the customizers can accept in customization 呦 ~ ☆ About hand lettering is engraved by hand on leather, how much will it feel a little hand-engraved, Can not be neat and tidy to look like a machine engraved, those who can accept this taste custom lettering.


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