[Customer] Your Littdlework Embroidered Small Badge

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Custom embroidery products, 50 pieces. Detailed visible text


[Customer] Your Littdlework Embroidered Small Badge


Hello, everyone ^_^ A lot of guests are looking for custom things, Custom cats, dogs, logos, kids🧒 Currently with the factory ditch, the minimum amount is really 50 pieces. Why can't I just do a few? We use a large machine, a small embroidered piece, and each time we have to produce 3,000 pieces. The custom order is the same as our original product. After you have a design, you have to make a version, and the machine can do it. How to run the embroidery thread, how to look good, it is necessary to draw a schematic diagram and then draw a stroke by the pattern maker, the machine will know, so each version fee is nt800 take off Meteor once asked if I can buy software by myself. The price of the software is actually hundreds of thousands. It is still good for the professional |-| Then I have to go back and forth for an hour to run the factory, color, communicate, modify, print, package, and finally send it out. This is probably the process, so if you spend time playing a version and only produce a small amount, it is really not worthwhile (・・;) and the bottom card is at least 200, and the remaining one can only be thrown away, so many workshops are not willing. Pick up small orders, but really many guests inquiries, they try their best to do it. I hope everyone understands (^_^) The bigger the amount, the cheaper it is ^_^ However, 50 items can be made into different products in our library, such as 20 badges, 20 hot stickers, 9 bags, and 1 pair of earrings. Other products plus 50% of the original price can be. /Applicable to ▲ personal brand goods ▲ school group badge ▲Marriage gift small gift ▲ activity gift ▲Society image goods ▲ brand image goods ▲ corporate promotional products... /needs time ▲ 14 to 21 working days (excluding shipping time) (+15% of urgent items within 14 days) /Process 1. Transfer the design (JPG) or photo to the designer 2. The designer will return the design drawing and the package bottom card to the guest within two days. 3, handed over to the embroidery workshop 4. Modify and confirm the pattern with the guest 5, put into production 6, packaging 7, shipping /price ❤️50 pieces (without packaging) 3cm brooch each $140 3.5cm-6cm safety pin $160 per piece 🎉The price per 10 pieces is reduced by nt$10, and so on. ❤️100 or more, 3cm with packaging ▲A. Design fee (embroidery pattern + bottom card design) NT1300 #If the customer provides the design drawing, the NT1000 can be reduced. ▲B. Edition fee (just pay once, the next time you produce the same pattern, you don't have to pay) #NT1000起起 ▲C. Charge by quantity 100 X @$70 200 X @$65 300 X @$60 500 X @$55 (free design fee) 1000 X @$45 (free design fee) More than 10,000 # can produce a variety of the same batch, the minimum amount of each is 100, only need to add the version fee and design fee, such as the bottom card is different to pay NT300 printing fee ▲A (depending on demand)+B(NT800)+C quantity X single price= total price$$$ E.g: 100 --> NT1300 + NT800 + NT70*100 = $9100 (ie one NT$91) 500 --> NT800 + NT55*500 = $28300 (ie one NT$56.6) ❤️3.5cm-6cm safety pin Each plus nt10 The version cost nt1000 #If you have other requirements, you can quote another price, we will try to satisfy you. #Other sizes can be quoted separately /package ▲ 7X10cm candy bag /Other considerations *If you need to play the first version, each version requires NT$800/1000+ embroidery pattern design fee NT800 ▲ instagram | littdlework ▲


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