Musk thyme _ vanilla potted "gift section"

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Musk thyme _ vanilla potted "gift section"

"I had to find the courage to turn my life around" - Nikki sixx
Thyme semantics represents "noble and brave"
Expect yourself to be more courageous
Praise the bravery of others
Encourage friends to embrace the challenge
You can choose to have a faint, charming musk smell of thyme give away

Had a bard because of its aroma called "dawn of heaven"
Dry with fresh can be used,
Tea, cooking, hand dessert cookies can be used
Cold early sore throat
Brew a cup of thyme tea to soothe uncomfortable symptoms
It is also one of our favorite herbs

░ use ░
(With meat and tomatoes), dessert ingredients, mosquito repellent, bath, refined essential oils, ornamental, etc.

░ aroma ░
Very gentle musk smell

░ effect ░
Eliminate fatigue, promote digestion, cold early tea can relieve sore throat, bath can boost the spirit, thyme tea can soothe the headache after hangover

░ contents ░
Musk thyme potted, musk thyme small card, green finger guide, side dish design pack

░ size ░
9 cm x 9 cm potted plants about 10 cm (65-90 days size seedlings)

[About our business]
Hope that by us, let everyone on the impression of planting, to give a new set of definitions.
You can _ it is defined as the comfort of healing,
Can also _ as it is the value of fresh food,

As long as a little bit of intentions, you can often eat their own kind of organic fresh side dishes,
From the beginning of life to raise a pot of vegetables, experience the beauty of nature,
Perhaps, raising the dishes may not be perfect,
But also true _ full of hands with the natural temperature,
With a different mood, into the eyes, eat into the feelings of the mouth,
Will be different from the previous scenery and taste.
Origin / manufacturing method
Made in Taiwan