Cool summer acne ∣ comfrey root avocado silk magic soap beans / cleansing / hand-made cold soap / accompanying soap

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This "Lithocarpus Root Avocado Silk Soap" formula uses a high proportion of 25% [Lithospermum Root Soaked Olive Oil] (purchase high-end Lithospermum Roots from Chinese pharmacies, soaked with edible olive oil, and stay warm for 6 months) It is matched with [Avocado Oil] which can deeply clean the skin, and [Shea Butter] which moisturizes skin with


Cool summer acne ∣ comfrey root avocado silk magic soap beans / cleansing / hand-made cold soap / accompanying soap


**💔 ▌Wow|Lithospermum and Avocado Silk Soap ●Combine Acne Released ▌↭ "Magic Soap Bean"** "**purple grass magic purple**" ღ Mix "**deep clean of avocado oil**" ღ Plus "**shea butter**" ღ the Add "**silk**" ∞∞∞**Soothing and repairing, refreshing and cleansing, moisturizing and moisturizing-accompany you through the sultry summer.** **▶ Slap your face, one soap bean can wash your face more than 10 times.** **▶ Big face, one soap bean can wash your face at least 5 times.** ▶**Use high-end comfrey roots purchased from Chinese pharmacy to soak olive oil for 6 months** ▶**Acne skin, my favorite for problem skin** ▶**Add Silk** ▶Soap-shaped chic / cute ▶All skin type/especially suitable for oily skin ▶**Deep cleansing/moisturizing** **▶Each magic soap bean⊕2.4 x H1.4cm** **▶Each packaging can is 6.6×6cm, easy to carry.** **▶British Atlantic Cedar essential oil, American makeup grade "Eden" fragrance "Handmade Cold Soap".** **▶Complimentary 1 "Transparent Super Mini Soap Box" 3.6 cm in length and width.** ღ__________ The precious use of Gromwell root To some people (especially handsome guys and sisters) is an unfamiliar name But in the "handmade soap world" it is "A sensation in martial arts, alarming Wanjiao"-a famous herb The charming...deep fuchsia Same as anthocyanin Add to soap... The color will change due to temperature, acid and alkali So there is the title of "Various Lithospermum Root Soap" Often a soap maker-the dreamy color pursued For the skin Lithospermum root-rich in the active ingredients of "Naphthoquinone Shikonin" There are currently medical research reports on- "The anti-microbial effect of comfrey root and its effect on wound healing and regeneration of injured cells" will be discussed. It is a mild, antibacterial and soothing herb, suitable for problem skin. Especially acne-prone skin. ღ__________ 🔹[Soap making date]: marked on the packaging bag. 🔹[Applicable skin type]: full skin type/especially suitable for mixed skin and oily skin 🔹[Usage]: Wash your face/bath, massage gently with foam and rinse off. 🔸【Specifications】: **✿Each honey magic soap bean is ⊕2.4xH1.4cm, 1 can of 15 soap beans, and the size of each can is 6.6×6cm.** **▶A gift of 3.6 cm in length and width (can hold 1 saponin).** **🧡[Additional purchase, carefully selected and easy to use mochi]~** **✿Drain texture silicone soap pad-personality gray style, temperament white style (11x8x1cm).** ✿ 【Features】: This "Lithospermum and Avocado Silk Soap" formula uses a high concentration of 25% [Lithospermum Root Soaked Olive Oil] (high-end comfrey roots purchased from a Chinese pharmacy, soaked in edible-grade olive oil, partial sun temperature for 6 months), Pair with [Avocado Oil] for deep cleansing of the skin, and [Shea Butter] for moisturizing damaged keratinous skin. It has a refreshing feeling and fine foam. It is the first choice for summer cleansing soap. 🔸【Strictly selected handmade soap oils】: Lithospermum root is soaked in olive oil, avocado oil, shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, palm oil. ◎Add: ✔ British Atlantic Cedarwood essential oil. ✔ American makeup grade "Ocean and Wind" fragrance. ▼Main oil products of "Wah Xu"- It is carefully selected "**Food Grade Vegetable Oils**", Or purchased from "**Oil Products to SGS Agency Inspection**-310 items "Pesticide Residues/Aflatoxin/Four Major Heavy Metals" importer, Use trustworthy, safe, high-quality oils.


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