[Limited time and free shipping] Classic handmade shortbread Happy Niu Year tin biscuit gift box shipped within 3 days

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There are nine flavors in a box, which is best for enjoying with friends and family at important moments! The super-textured wood grain tinplate box is the most concrete new choice for temporary visits to friends as a souvenir!


370g x 1


[Limited time and free shipping] Classic handmade shortbread Happy Niu Year tin biscuit gift box shipped within 3 days


We uphold the spirit of traditional European-style desserts, and use complicated procedures to combine the most top-notch and natural ingredients Infuse solid dessert kung fu, make desserts with deep emotions Invite you to taste the only happiness Shizuoka Matcha: flour, French natural fermented butter, sugar, Shizuoka Matcha powder Coffee blossoms: flour, French natural fermented butter, sugar, UCC coffee, milk Orange diced: flour, French natural fermented butter, sugar, eggs, oranges Strawberry sweetheart: flour, French natural fermented cream, sugar, egg, strawberry French vanilla: flour, French natural fermented butter, sugar, vanilla bean pods Earl Grey: flour, French natural fermented butter, sugar, eggs, Earl Grey tea Peanut balls: flour, French natural fermented butter, sugar, eggs, peanut butter Royal Sam: flour, French natural fermented butter, sugar, eggs, Assam black tea Salt flower cocoa: flour, sugar, French natural fermented butter, top French Michel Cluizel cocoa powder, natural sun-dried sea salt Felicitas has nine different classic flavors at once, so you can enjoy each flavor at once! This time we use tinplate to store the biscuits. Because we use natural ingredients without adding preservatives, we use wood grained tinplate as packaging and preservation. In addition to the texture upgrade, preservation makes you more assured! Whether it's as a temporary souvenir, or take it home to share with family and friends, it is the best souvenir box to satisfy all kinds of mouths at once, and then paired with flower tea or coffee! 【size】 A single box is about 370g+-5%, with a beautiful bag This product is edible ovo-lacto-vegetable, we make it by hand, the size will be slightly different, it is purely normal 【Eating Instructions】 This product is fresh and hand-made at room temperature for 30 days. Please store it in a cool place at room temperature after receiving it. It is recommended to eat it as soon as possible after opening. Because the weather in Taiwan is relatively humid, if you want to keep it for a longer time, it is strongly recommended that fans directly divide it after opening. Store it in an airtight jar so that you can enjoy its deliciousness slowly. 【Delivery Method】 *Motorcycle delivery (the locomotive delivery area is limited to the Greater Taipei area and can be delivered on the same day)* PS: If you want to ship on the same day, please call 6 hours in advance to confirm whether there is stock available! The delivery time for locomotive express delivery is from 1 pm to 7 pm Remind you! Due to rain, traffic jams and other factors during express delivery, the delivery time may be affected! In addition, the bouquet cake needs to be delivered carefully and avoid damage to the cake. To ensure that the express delivery has sufficient and safe delivery, and to avoid delaying your itinerary, please give us at least two hours of sufficient delivery and collection time. Properly Yo! Thank you! *Black cat delivery at room temperature (limited to Taiwan main island) Home delivery can be "designated" to select the arrival time, but it is strongly recommended to receive the delivery "before 13 o'clock"! The delivery time of the home delivery is based on the interval time, before 13:00, 14-18, but it is impossible to specify the exact time to arrive! It is recommended to receive the mail at least half a day earlier to avoid delaying the time you need to use! Thank you! Receiving time We strongly recommend that you receive the package before 13:00 on the day of arrival, which can shorten the time the goods are on the logistics hand and greatly reduce the risk of damage to the goods! Note: After 106/8/28, Black Cat will neither receive nor deliver on Sundays! Please do not choose Sunday to arrive on the arrival day! *Remind you, if you expect to arrive on Monday, we will ship it last Saturday! Example: Arrival on 9/4 (Monday), shipment on 9/2 (Saturday)! Thank you! *SF Express (overseas delivery), after delivery, usually about 3-7 working days to arrive For delivery to Hong Kong and Macau, if the delivery address is a non-industrial and commercial area of Hong Kong or a remote area of Hong Kong, an additional HK$30 will be charged for each item, which will be paid by the buyer *Store-to-store pickup (limited to the main island of Taiwan) At present, 7-11 stores are available to pick up the goods. After delivery, the goods can be delivered in about 48 hours 【Origin】 Taiwan/Taipei, handmade https://farm1.staticflickr.com/758/20460209778_0a3e170e72_o.jpg Little by little, one step at a time, one firm, one persistence, one happiness In order to make the beauty of pure natural desserts closer to everyone's life! We also always believe that we have always insisted on using original food, natural ingredients, no added flavors, and no added coloring to make the most natural desserts. The pure and natural desserts will bring people the happiest, most pleasant, and least burdensome small fortune, and the world will be more beautiful! In this era of frequent food safety storms, the essence of traditional desserts has gradually divorced from the lives of modern people. **Felicitas**"European Traditional Desserts", take you to taste the beauty of natural and pure no additives, it is no longer a difficult task.