[Fruit] Pineapple Juice Home _ Taiwan made flowers. fruit. Materials. photography. simulation. Decoration.

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Even if I ca n’t eat, I look at it, but remember the memories with it



[Fruit] Pineapple Juice Home _ Taiwan made flowers. fruit. Materials. photography. simulation. Decoration.


▲ Product Name: Pineapple Juice Home * This series of products are not for real consumption. They can be used in home furnishings, display, photography props and other purposes. ▲ Service items: space furnishings, shooting props, floral design, home furnishings, wholesale, customized ▲ Store information: No. 846, Dadun 11th Street, Nantun District, Taichung City ▲ Commodity size: Pineapple slices: 7cm in diameter, 4 packs Pineapple: height 26 * diameter 10 (unit cm) ▲ About the product: 1. Made in the factory, there will be some slight differences between the products 2. The photos are taken in real products but the colors and shapes cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same. 3. The production of urgent products is not provided. Customized products take time. It is recommended that you place an order early or send us a private message. 4. We make every product with great care. If you are not satisfied with the product, please take a photo and contact us, so that we can assist you in the first time. ▲ Purchase notice: [Please buyers confirm and agree to the following instructions before placing an order] 1. Product recognition and defects do not include: A. Dimensions we measure by hand B. Because the product is brand new and unopened, there is a little smell in the package, and it can be improved after being opened for ventilation for a period of time. C. Color aberration, due to lighting problems, photos and entities may have color aberration D. Any personal factors and preferences ... etc. 2. The company's current sales method is physical store + online sales. Therefore, the sales may overlap with the time when you place your order online. VIPs can send us a private message before placing an order and confirm that the goods are in stock. [Or] You can place the order directly. After receiving the order, the little helper will The stock situation will contact you immediately, the company reserves the right to cancel the order 3. The value of the company's products lies in the display and improvement of the space texture. Because it may be used at no cost after purchase, buyers who love art can understand that the company does not provide unconditional returns. 4. Some of the products are brand new products. Artificial flowers and leaf materials may be shaken during transportation, which may cause leaves or petals to fall. Trouble the buyer to connect the falling flower head directly; if there are no major defects, the This is normal, please forgive me, thank you. 5. If you need to order in large quantities, you are welcome to communicate with the little helpers in the chat; there is room for negotiation in the price part 6. Please forgive and order the finished product. If it is not a major non-artificial defect, we will not provide return and exchange services. 7. Flower material inventory is inconsistent. If there is exactly one or two flowers in the pot flowers ordered, the floral teacher will find a similar flower material to replace it, the effect will be the same as the original; However, if there is a flower material that you must keep, please indicate in the remarks when you place the order, and the little helper will help you pay attention and obtain your consent before making it! [Description and regulations of return rights]: 1. After you receive the goods, please confirm the goods you ordered as soon as possible. If there is a factor that can be attributed to the company, the goods are damaged, scratched, or the packaging is damaged due to incomplete transportation, please do your best Quickly notify the little helper, we will conduct a product defect or damage identification and replace it with a new one as soon as possible. 2. When you want to return the goods, according to the provisions of civil law, you and the shop should be responsible for each other's transactions to release the original responsibility, so: (1) Please maintain the brand-new condition of the product, and ensure that there are no omissions in the main products, manuals, peripheral parts, invoices, related accessories, etc., and return the original packaging together so that the shop can handle the refund for you . (2) If the product is damaged, worn, scratched, soiled, or the packaging is incomplete due to improper use, disassembly, or oversight of the product, which is not attributable to the store, and cannot be returned completely At the time of our company, we will recover the cost of the recovery certificate at your discretion, or ask you for the price of the product in proportion to the preservation status of the product.


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