Forest patron saint [stickers] free to choose 5

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Forest patron saint [stickers] free to choose 5


**Size specification** Feel free to choose 5, each size is different, each range is about 80 x 130 mm. **When you order an order, you can write it.** **Material Description** Glossy stickers, water resistant, yellow backing paper. **Manufacturing process** Painting sketch> computer design> digital printing> hand cut **Story creation** The gods create the universe and the earth, One of the dark forces has been using human negative energy to create a variety of natural disasters! The mother of the earth and the Pleasant star gave her the god of the dog Bara living inside the earth. Constantly issued love and light of energy against the dark forces on Earth, The goal is to reduce the casualties caused by natural disasters to the human world. The forest is destroyed and is disappearing at an alarming rate! The sun god is looking for the messenger of the forest. Fox - flowers expert; Wildcat - brave warriors; Owl - tree doctor. The fox loves flowers and trees. Mother died in the war of guarding the forest. The sun god gave it rebirth, become the mother of the earth, And the fox got the scepter of the mother of the earth. Wildcat is born with three eyes, only blue bird willing to make friends with him. Once, blue birds in the forest foraging when killed by human death, wild cat is very sad. The sun god knows the soul of the blue bird will be thorn in the wild cat, give it a second life. From the wild cat has the ability to fly. Is a brave warrior. Owl generations are living in the trees of the forest, They can communicate with trees, Know the idea of trees, Is the best person to take care of the trees. A stroke, how many days and nights, design drawing. Modern people like to shop with packaging design, but also create a lot of unnecessary garbage. Thank you friends to help one by one of the waste paper recycling, I repeated reuse, made into a new packaging paper bag. Spend more time and mental strength, is to reduce the production of garbage! Hope that every person who receives it also feels the meaning and love behind this package! Every one is not easy! **Mailing method** Post office mail, usually rarely lost, such as loss, no way to send. If you are afraid of missing, you can choose to register, please pay by mail. **Please read the trading policy of the Design Hall before you order to find out more mailing time.** **Origin / manufacturing method** Origin of Hong Kong handmade