Valentine's Day SAR [distance of a heart] - Valentine's Day gift

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Valentine's Day SAR [The distance of a heart | Love glass flower box] - Valentine's Day gift



Valentine's Day SAR [distance of a heart] - Valentine's Day gift


**1/15-1/25 Enjoy a 25% discount on Valentine's Day gift pre-order!** The distance of a heart | love glass flower box Thank you for your willingness to love me who is not perfect, so I want to do my best to you and to do my best. Some people say that we should not change ourselves for love, but we still have to be ourselves, but because we are two different people, we decided to go hand in hand, so I hope that we can grow together in this relationship and become better, not cater to us. It is not static, this is the meaning of change in love. Flower: eternal rose, hydrangea, small white plum, Cassia, rabbit, eucalyptus, rich leaves Size: 12x12x5 cm 【Precautions】 * Flowering time takes time to make, the production days vary from 7 to 9 days. If you exceed the time, please go to the fan page for private inquiry. * The color difference produced by the filter for the aesthetics of the product and the different mobile devices is subject to the actual product. * Dimensions may vary due to different measurements, and 1 to 2 cm is within the normal range. * The flower material is adjusted due to the market supply. If the flower material is short, the equivalent flower material will be replaced. 【storage method】 Dry flower storage method: Dry flowers can be maintained in good condition for half a year to one year. The dry flower leaves are naturally dry, and it is inevitable that there will be peeling and fading. 1. Please keep it in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid moisture and direct sunlight. 2. If some dust is generated, please blow it off with the minimum wind speed of the hair dryer, or brush it off with a brush. Never shake it. 3. Avoid strong collisions. Immortal flower preservation method: 1. Never water. 2. Do not place in a damp, sunny place. 3. It is easy to dye without humidity, and it is easy to dye when the humidity exceeds 65 degrees. Try not to put it on the edge of the wall, window or near clothes. 4. The flowers are stained with dust and can be gently swept with a soft brush or blown with a weak cold air from a hair dryer.


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