Carnation Mini Soap Bouquet Gift Box with Card Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day Bouquet Thank You Bouquet

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Carnation mini soap bouquet gift box with card. The designer specially chooses the transparent golden rim hexagonal gift box to place the mini bouquets, which is dustproof and beautiful! The main flower of this paragraph is carnation soap flower. In addition to the light fragrance, it can also be used to wash hands~


Carnation Mini Soap Bouquet Gift Box with Card Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day Bouquet Thank You Bouquet


Passengers in the world are in a hurry. Even if you and I meet together, we always firmly believe that "attentiveness" is the most important core service essence. On some special occasions or festivals in Western countries, people will wear carnations, especially on Mother's Day and weddings. In 1907, American Mother’s Day founder Anna Jarvis chose carnations as a symbol of Mother’s Day because this flower was her mother’s favorite. At the same time, she chose white carnations to symbolize the purity of maternal love. As the times change, if mothers are still alive on Mother’s Day, they should wear red carnations, otherwise they will be white~ 📏 size Gift box diameter is about 8 cm x height is about 19 cm The small bouquet is about 12~13 cm high 🎁 Material Plastic / dry plant / soap flower / paper / ribbon 🌼 Flowers The main flower is carnation soap flower. The matching flower will be randomly matched with similar colored flowers for you. The flowers will vary depending on the growth status and cannot be exactly the same as the reference photo~ 💐 Bouquet packaging The designer chooses Japanese-style special flower wrapping paper to package the bouquets. If the product image type wrapping paper is out of stock (stock left: 2 sheets), please allow the designer to replace it with other flower wrapping paper 💎 Diamond stickers For each bouquet, we will paste about 1~2 rhinestones for you💎 🎁 Packaging The gift box will be tied with a ribbon and a blessing tag Festive use can remark your favorite tag (shipped randomly without remarks) Wedding tags can be used to remark your favorite tags (no remarks are shipped randomly) 🚚 【Notes】 1. Due to the different growth environment of plants, commercial flowers cannot be exactly the same as the photos! But the designer will try to make the most appropriate matching and adjustment for you according to the appearance of the existing flowers, and keep the similarity above 80%~90%. 2. Flower materials will be lacking due to seasonal and climatic factors. Please agree to let the designer adjust the equivalent value to replace the flowers. 3. The production time of the product depends on the complexity. If there is no stock, the average delivery time is about 2-3 days. If the quantity is large or needs to arrive at a specific time, please communicate with the designer before placing an order. 4. Dried flowers are natural materials that are fragile and easy to fall. Therefore, they will be properly packaged before delivery. However, there may still be some flowers falling during the transportation process. It is normal. Please accept and forgive me. 5. Due to the size of the gift box, supermarket pick-up is limited to 10 boxes. If more than 10 boxes, please check mail or home delivery. 📣【Soap Flower Maintenance Method】 1. The soap flower is afraid of direct sunlight and moisture~ It would be better if it can be placed in a ventilated place! 2. If you find that the soap flower is dusty, you can blow it with the blower used by the camera, or use a soft brush, or use a hair dryer to cut the cold air and blow it gently. ✉ If you have other customization needs and questions, please write to the designer. ⚠ Please confirm the above description before purchase to protect your own rights. If you cannot accept it, please make a detour and do not reluctantly place an order. Thank you for your cooperation! 🌏 Origin/manufacturing method Taiwan/Handmade