Super multifunctional seven-sided game machine

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Best-selling Japanese Ace A large collection of daily necessities that babies love to play! This will reduce the occurrence of playing with real objects! There are more than 25 kinds of dialogue, sound effects and melodies Fully stimulate the curiosity of 1-year-old babies



Super multifunctional seven-sided game machine


If you expect your baby to become a "smart kid", you should not rush to teaching materials. Let the baby play around in life and attract the baby's eyes and interested things is the right way. Why? Because before the age of 3, it is the golden period to nurture the curiosity and learning willpower of the baby. Babies are often interested in things that are dangerous and should not be touched. In response to this, a "super multi-function game console" was launched, so that you can also take care of your children in a leisurely manner!! If we had such toys when we were young, we might have won the Nobel Prize!! !! 3.5 million babies' favorite Japanese super popular toy~ A huge collection of daily necessities that naughty babies love to play with! New facelift! Great satisfaction! Full of "movement", "lighting", "dialogue" and "sound" effects, Introduce the baby’s favorite things that are dangerous or should not be touched into the toy to greatly satisfy the baby’s curiosity. This will reduce the occurrence of babies playing with real objects! ※The main body uses 3 AA batteries (optional), and the remote control uses 3 LR44 batteries (The included battery is for testing only, please update by yourself when it is dead). Children’s mischievous curiosity is actually the driving force behind the development of the brain!! With 3 lifelike features, it greatly satisfies children's curiosity! ●Realistic appearance: The color, weight and texture approach the real product, which fully stimulates the curiosity of 1-year-old babies. ●Realistic gameplay: The same touch as touching the real product, and you will never get tired of playing repeatedly! ● Realistic sound effects: super-realistic as the real thing! There are more than 25 different dialogues, sound effects and melodies! Contains more than 25 kinds of dialogue (Japanese), sound effects & melodies: ● Facial tissue: The tissue paper is pulled up, and it will be automatically rolled back when it is released~ With it, the tissue paper in the house can be solved. One of the lids can be opened! ●Door, shining bright key, doorbell: press the doorbell, it will sound a realistic doorbell. Insert the key and turn it and the door will open~ There will be a variety of different sound effects and dialogues (Japanese)! "Door opening~", "I'm back~", "Welcome home~", "Dog barking~" ,"who is it?" ●Tablet PC: Open the cover, press the screen, it will glow, and it will also send out dialogue (Japanese) and melody! "Replay", "Sing together!" ●Sink faucet: As long as you turn or press the handle, it will glow, make a sound of water, and talk (Japanese)! "Wash it well!", "So clean" ●Plugs and sockets: You can rest assured that your baby can plug into and unplug the socket sets repeatedly~ ●Dad’s glasses: As long as you pull the glasses, dialogue (Japanese) and melody will be emitted! "It hurts my brain!", "Pain~ Pain~" ●Daddy’s buttons: When holding in front of me, I always like to pull on my dad’s buttons~ You can pull as much as you like, and it will send out dialogue (Japanese) and melody~ "It’s so troublesome!" and "Pain~ Pain~" ●Beauty milk toys: The appearance and touch are like real products! Squeeze and see, the soft mayonnaise will come out~ ●Remote control toy: 3 buttons below, press it will send out news, commercials and other program melody~※The number buttons can be pressed but there is no sound. "good Morning" Content combination 1 main body, 1 remote control toy (with 3 LR44 batteries for testing), 1 beauty milk toy. ※The mercury content of this product complies with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency. Confirmation document size: 30370-LR4 Precautions 1. Please use it correctly under adult supervision. 2. Warning: This toy is not suitable for children under 8 months. 3. Before and after use, please wipe with a damp cloth to keep it clean. 4. Please destroy and discard the disassembled plastic bag immediately. Do not put it on your head or face to avoid the danger of suffocation. 5. Please stop using it if it is broken or deformed. 6. Please avoid violent play methods such as throwing, dropping, and throwing. 7. Do not play in dangerous places such as stairs, fire or outdoors. 8. Please avoid direct sunlight. 9. Do not wrap the rope around your baby's hands, feet, fingers, so as to avoid dangers such as irregular blood flow. 10. In order to avoid falling, damage, etc., when taking it, please lift the main body surely. Don't just pull the tissue, keys, rope, faucet, glasses, buttons and other accessory parts alone. 11. Improper use of the battery may cause heat, rupture, or leakage. Please pay special attention. 12. The use of rechargeable batteries is prohibited. 13. Do not mix old and new batteries. 14. Do not charge, decompose, heat or put it into fire without authorization. 15. When not playing for a long time, please take out the battery. 16. The body uses 3 AA batteries (sold separately), and the remote control uses 3 LR44 batteries (the included batteries are for testing purposes only, please update them after they are dead). To avoid accidental ingestion, an adult must replace the battery. 17. When opening and closing the door, the paper tray cover and the flat panel cover, please be careful not to get your fingers caught. 18. Beauty milk toys are not food, please do not put them in your mouth. 19. The main body and remote control toys, etc., contain IC electronic parts, please do not wash with water, and wipe the dirty parts with a damp cloth. 20. Do not sterilize by boiling, hot water, microwave oven, medicament, various sterilizers, etc., to avoid deformation and damage of toys. 21. This product has passed the toy safety inspection, please feel free to use it. Brand-People main material- Body-plastic (ABS, PS); facial tissue-polyester fiber (non-woven); beauty milk toy-plastic (PVC); Faucet, flat computer screen, key, beauty milk storage box-plastic (MABS); remote control button-silicon rubber; Remote control storage seat, socket, tissue paper box-plastic (ABS); door, lithographic computer cover, tissue paper box cover-plastic (PP); Rope-nylon; glasses-plastic (EVA) Applicable time-8 months~ Pricing-$1,760 made in China


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