Lubar slowly weaves white chalcedony metal braid (worn on both sides) (peace and safety)

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Hand-woven, with twist as the theme, worn on both sides. The jade [white chalcedony] comes from the coastline of Taitung. It is different from ordinary white chalcedony, ground into the shape of a safe button, so it is named (Ping Ping An)



Lubar slowly weaves white chalcedony metal braid (worn on both sides) (peace and safety)


[Peaceful and safe] The milky white jade pendant, the color is soft as curd, The white jade sugar ring with white hair, pays innocent as fine Padding white corn carp with interesting patterns, (white chalcedony) White chalcedony is a general term for white chalcedony. It is mostly in the form of solitaire, with a large number, rich color, and The performance of various levels of shades and shades, with ``milk white'' as the top grade ・ ``Milk White'' has a creamy color, soft and clean, with a translucent texture, which is beneficial The jade is gentle and delicate, it looks soft and feminine, and when it is held up, it makes people love it. ``Porcelain white'' has a bright luster similar to porcelain, the color is pure and white, and it is bright and bright. The texture is fine and dense, although the transparency is not high, but the polished white magnetism shines, and it also shows a straight jade Exquisite and extraordinary. In addition, there is also a special ``purple white jade bow'', which refers to the surface of the white jade continuous solitary stone. There is a layer of milky white or white opaque crusty in it. The texture of this white chalcedony is usually good. And some of the crusty skin forms various interesting patterns as a result of natural erosion, which increases the fun of playing. White chalcedony resembles "a stick of snow." The outer layer of white chalcedony has a hard skin shell, and the white chalcedony inside is mostly of excellent texture. White is the color of light, kindness, innocence, purity, and chastity, and is considered the perfect color. White means safety, purity and cleanliness. Compared to black, white usually has positive connotations. On the badge, white represents faith and purity. In the advertisement, white is associated with calmness and cleanliness because it is the color of snow. You can use white to imply the simplicity of high-tech products. White is suitable for charities, because imaginary angels usually wear white clothes. White is related to hospitals, doctors, and infertility, so white can be used to indicate safety when selling medical products. White is often associated with weight loss and low-fat foods 🌸Ping Ping An An Necklace (with Chinese knotted rope twist chain) Main Stone: White Chalcedony Size: 40x25x8mm Material: American imported artistic copper wire (silver-plated anti-oxidation protective film), 925 silver round beads ⭕️Material description of metal wire The current weaving works are all made of imported artistic copper wire, and the metal wire material is Copper, color plating and protective film on the outer layer, do not wash or rub hard Wipe, do not wear bathing, swimming, exercise, if it is dirty, use it Wipe with glasses cloth or soft cloth slightly. It is recommended to put it on when not in use. Prevent oxidation and fading in the box. ⭕️Natural stone description The gems used in all works are natural stones, and each natural stone has a pattern All are unique and each has its own characteristics, so the natural stone interior will be somewhat There are natural textures and pores, ice cracks, black spots or impurities. ⭕️If you have any questions, please ask more before buying, thank you. ⭕️Maintenance ● Avoid contact with perfume, lotion, chemicals, etc. ● Do not wear it when bathing, swimming, hot springs, or sweating a lot ● When not wearing it, please put the jewelry in a zipper bag to keep it away from air and moisture to prevent rapid oxidation ⭕️Little reminder ● The products are all taken in kind, and the color performance of each display is different. It is inevitable that there will be a slight color difference. The actual product received shall prevail


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