Magma Brunt Red Copper Bangle

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Material: Red Copper Optional width: 4mm / 5mm Exclusive development of natural temperature control method, with precise temperature difference to control the color of surface oxide, the famous lava red / natural oxidation color, adhere to the principle of persistence, insist on rejecting chemical processing and electroplating.



Magma Brunt Red Copper Bangle


『Take the Taiwanese designer brand of Juejue』 Using 100% recyclable materials, insisting on no chemistry and no electroplating, using time to ripen metal, hand-made with pure silver and copper, and recreating the beauty of sustainability. Using contemporary values to integrate local culture as a concept, subverting jewelry myths and exploring the true meaning of wearing, Taiwan designer's jewelry made of 100% recyclable materials used and no electroplating, each piece is made with traditional craftsmanship. Time and oxidation play as features and make the surface change with each touch. To feel the study of konn テ ン ポ ラ リ ー ア ク セ サ リ ー は 、 装饰 は 束 Binding で は な く 、 生活 か ら Liberation し て く れ る も の で あ る と い う 、 直 感 的 で シ ン プ い philosophy "Brand Founder" Art creator and designer-Tzui Lien Lian Ziyi, graduated from CCA, MFA Design Thinking, Institute of Design Thinking, California University of Arts The dialectics of humanistic thinking theory and artistic beauty merge, participate in public art creation and urban planning, and hope that art and sustainability will be closely combined to burst out new contemporary life forms. "Sustainable Park Slow Mode" Each one is hand-made in the metalworking studio by a designer of Jueology, with manual wire sawing, welding, forging, casting, flower knocking, fine file polishing, and sterling silver, brass, copper, K gold Waiting for precious metals to be used as raw materials, the plain, simple yet delicate texture processing, the minimal lines, and the refined appearance enhance the contemporary nature of the metal craftsmanship. Perseverance and pride. We hope to make wearing jewelry a unique language that conveys the value of your life. "Special Color Construction Method" Exclusive development of natural temperature control method, with precise temperature difference to control the color of surface oxides, the famous lava red / pearl gloss white / carbon black ink color / natural oxidation color, in order to uphold the principle of persistence, insist on rejecting chemical processing and electroplating deal with. "Aesthetics of Time" Emphasizing the concept of nakedness with consciousness, the surface is like the original texture of the original metal ore cut surface, which is completely hand-made, each of which is the essence of metal craftsmanship. It deliberately leaves a handcrafted forging texture, and with time, it can reveal the special taste of vulgarity and time. "The value of inspiring yourself" Contemporary ornaments are not imprisonment, but liberation, and use life consciousness to discuss definition. Starting from the intuition of craftsmanship, the two-way communication with jewelry is defined by the consciousness of life. "You do n’t need jewelry to decide your value, and do n’t let jewelry rush into the hustle and bustle, because you are the protagonist in life, and you can show your charm purely. The essence of beauty is the consciousness of the ego, hoping to liberate life with accessories through consciousness, and accessories are no longer imprisoned. "Contemporary Cultural Style of Zen" Lines and structures have become very important elements of implicit communication, including the viewer ’s cultural memory associations, with consciousness being good at transforming tradition into contemporary design, linear symbols are always intuitive guidance and hints, and are the cultural touch of common memory . Lian Ziyi, the principal of Yijue, said: "Maybe our approach will not become mainstream, but it is an important value adherence. You know that what you create will be a testable object." One Piece Customized Bracelet-Burnt Red Lava Copper-Classic Eye Bracelet / Materials / Pure Copper Copper Burnt / Roughness specifications / 4mm or 5mm * Thickness measurement of cylindrical parts Purely ordered and sold, the price varies according to the thickness of different materials / Texture processing options / Lava Red (The color is hand-fired, each one is different and cannot be specified, it is a unique single product process) / Custom time and size measurement / Fully customized by hand: 15-20 working days Please measure the thinnest part of your wrist, a tight circle, and then tell us your measurement cm / Lettering / * If you need Lei Diao Chinese or patterns, you need to increase the price, please contact the designer private message / Maintenance instructions / -Natural materials of copper decoration will oxidize naturally, and the color gradient will moisturize naturally -Avoid moisture, please keep it dry after touching it -Frequent wear is easier to maintain, body oil can maintain the surface texture -Do not engage in violent sports and dangerous activities when wearing. * Pure copper has good ductility, please do n’t fold * / After-sales service / -Free maintenance for life, twice a year, please return to your home for professional maintenance regularly. -Enjoy free repair within one year of purchase. The repair service is limited to the normal wearing method. Artificial damage caused by non-natural use needs to be assessed and repaired separately. Some works enjoy free modification once within 3 months. -If there are any problems in the product itself, such as oxidation, patina, deformation, size, inlay, wear, color protection, please send or to the physical store of Jue Xue, they can provide you with perfect repair and maintenance services. (Need to pay for the return shipping) / Origin Manufacturing / Taiwan pure hand welding forging casting Designer / Craftmen Handmade in Taiwan


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