Music magnetic art board

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● singing music board ● Exclusive sense of painting will play music ● 4 kinds of color blocks, drawing colorful ● take p



Music magnetic art board


**RUNALAND music magnetic board** At the age of 2, all children like to make a big splash. They will feel the happiness and accomplishment brought by the painting. While painting, the brain will also develop creativity, expressiveness, etc. You will find that some babies are talking while they are painting , Which means his little head is writing a story and showing the ability to speak a story. __【exclusive! Can sing music board】__ Fixed in the artboard magnetic pen, not easy to swap, the magnetic brush "touch pressure" artboard will sound, "continuous pressure" to open a random background music player mode, fun music to increase interest in children drawing, but also with the city Sketchpad the most different places! __[Color Sketchpad - colorful creation of their own story]__ Sketchpad itself has four blocks of color, blackboard and blackboard on the market are different! A variety of colors can help visual stimulation, so that children prefer to draw! __Paternity - let the toys are teaching aids__ Carefully designed an interactive card, so that parents can accompany children to draw games, children can also copy the pictures on the card, create your own work. Parents can draw a card, turn the drawing board into a teaching aid, guide the children to know the quantity, shape, color and so on, and can also play interactive graffiti with her to increase the fun. __【Game book designed by experts - to help parents to accompany children】__ Designed for this toy designed well-being game book, according to the different needs of the development of the baby age, design a variety of games, training, learning and so on. Let the baby play with you while learning to develop the tacit understanding between parents and children and emotional training. More details in this game book "baby painting development stage" allows parents to understand what the baby will draw at this stage graphics, which is closely linked with the development of the baby's hand and eye Oh! **RUNALAND** Name: Music Magnetic Sketchpad (PE77) The main material: plastic, electronic IC parts, paper Suitable age: more than 36 months Origin: Mainland China (Liyang foreign-owned factories) Size: Body about 20.5 x 24 x 3 cm; Carton 46 x 30.2 x 4.5 cm Contents: Music magnetic board*1 group, game card*1 group Battery: This machine requires two 3 AA batteries **This product is not attached to the battery, please purchase separately, it is recommended to use the general carbon zinc battery, do not use a strong alkaline battery.** **【Precautions】** ‧ This machine requires 2 AA batteries ‧ Non-similar batteries or old and new batteries can not be mixed. ‧ Battery must be placed according to positive and negative instructions, the two poles can not be shorted. For a long time do not use this machine, please remove the battery. ‧ Exhausted batteries must be removed from the toy. ‧ Do not put product accessories into the mouth to avoid the danger of swallowing. ‧Please do not near the fire source to avoid danger. ‧ Functional toys must be used under the direct supervision of adults. ‧ Adults must be unpacked to view the package before giving it to children. After disassembly, please keep the package away from children or discard. ‧ The battery must be handled by adults. Do not allow children to touch or disassemble the battery.


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